How To Use Pinterest Keywords To Skyrocket Your Web Traffic

I'll be the first to admit it: I'm a total analytics addict. I love regularly tracking and analyzing my website traffic to make sure that I'm fully understanding (and optimizing!) where new and returning website visitors find me. 

So consider me surprised when I checked my web analytics at the end of May to see that my website traffic had more than doubled month-over-month from April, and all because of one social channel: Pinterest.

We've already talked about how to design eye-catching creative for Pinterest, but today I want to share the one quick and easy hack that's helped me skyrocket my Pinterest re-pins and website traffic over the last year: Pinterest keywords.

Not only have Pinterest keywords worked for me, but they've also boosted all of my clients' traffic who are active on Pinterest. Ready to get up-to-speed on implementing Pinterest keywords into your pin copy? Let's get started!

Step 1: Create your pin and grab your relevant link.

First things first: create your Pinterest creative. This can be done by designing an eye-catching, vertical-optimized graphic in your design program of choice, or simply pinning with a link and pulling an existing image from the landing page that you're linking to.

In this case, I'll be sharing an example of a pin that I already created to accompany my recent blog post on How To Design Creative MailChimp Emails.

How To Use Pinterest Keywords To Skyrocket Your Web Traffic

Step 2: Search for relevant Pinterest keywords.

As fun as it is to re-pin pretty images, it's important to think strategically and view Pinterest as the powerful search platform that it is. So, how do you find Pinterest keywords that are relevant to the content that you're pinning?

Simply hop into the search bar and type in your focus keyword – in my case, this word is "MailChimp," since it's the primary focus of the content I'm pinning. You'll see here that the phrases "mailchimp," "mailchimp newsletter design," "mailchimp template," mailchimp design" and "mailchimp email design," come up. 

How To Use Pinterest Keywords To Skyrocket Your Web Traffic

These are the keywords that you will want to integrate into your pin's copy to boost its visibility and relevancy in search rankings on Pinterest.

Step 3: Add your keywords to the pin's copy section.

Now that you've located relevant keywords, it's time to add them to your pin's copy before pinning it to a board. This can be done two ways: you can either find a way to integrate each phrase within the caption, or they can be added on to the end of a short caption.

As for me, I prefer to simply tack the keywords onto the end of my caption – you can see in this example that I've added them after a "|" to keep them a bit separate from the post copy. From there, you're ready to pin to your board of choice.

How To Use Pinterest Keywords To Skyrocket Your Web Traffic

And that's it: your guide to boosting your search ranking on Pinterest in three easy steps! Once you begin adding these magic little phrases to the end of your pin copy, be patient: it took about 6 months of consistent, steady and strategic pinning to see dramatic results in my search rankings and website traffic, but once the momentum began, it hasn't stopped.

Let me know if you plan to begin using Pinterest keywords in your pin copy, and check in with your progress in a few months!