How I Design Click-worthy Pinterest Content

How I Design Click-Worthy Pinterest Content

Would it surprise you if I told you that Pinterest is the second biggest social media driver of traffic to my site, only coming in second to Instagram? It's true! And it's also not by pure luck or coincidence.

For every blog graphic and header that I design, I always have Pinterest at the forefront of my mind when putting together visual content. Why? Because eye-catching Pinterest content leads to more re-pins, which leads to more website traffic!

Today I want to share three of my top-performing pins and break down exactly why these pins drove visitors to my site in droves. Ready for your social media content to get a little more pin-teresting? Keep reading!

How To Design Pinterest Pins_Example 1

This pin is the top-performing pin for all of my Pinterest content, which drives interested Pinterest users to my social media lead generation quiz. Although text-only pins are typically low-performers on Pinterest, I've elevated this pin and made it more eye-catching through the use of a subtle background pattern with social media icons and I've made the purpose of this pin explicitly clear: to get users to take my quiz. 

Key takeaways:
• Use textures and backgrounds to make text-only pins more playful
• Include an explicit call-to-action in Pinterest creative when applicable.


How To Design Pinterest Pins_Example 2

When creating Pinterest content that is intended to promote your services or product offerings, it's important to explain to your audience why that service or product will help them and why it matters. In this specific popular pin, I share a quick snapshot of what my social aesthetic planning service is, and entice the viewer to learn more about why it matters by clicking through. As a result, I've received several social aesthetic planning inquiries all thanks to this pin! 

Key takeaways:
• Use a clear header when promoting specific products and services
• Entice users to learn more on your site by not giving away 100% of the details on Pinterest


How To Design Pinterest Pins_Example 3

This is probably the most simple tactic when it comes to Pinterest content, but it sure does work for brand and web designers – full-page screenshots! With one click, I was able to put together this simple-yet-effective pin of my own website's homepage, which has generated notable traffic back to my site. Just launched a brand-new website for a client? Don't forget to grab a full-page screenshot (using this Google Chrome browser extension!) and pin it. More often than not, you'll be amazed with the results.

Key takeaways:
• This tactic works best with long, vertical webpages
• Include an engaging caption with keywords to boost visibility of full-page screenshot pins

How are you going to take steps to optimize your content for Pinterest this week? Leave your comments or questions in the comments!