Hi, I'm Lindsay, and I'm totally rocking secret yoga pants under my office desk in this photo!

...are you guilty of that too? ok. We'll be fast friends.


I know how it feels to be bursting at the seams with creative ideas and exciting concepts without knowing how to turn them into an intentional brand or social strategy – I've been there!

After working in boutique, agency and in-house social media, marketing and design, it's safe to say that I dream in clever creative executions, dreamy logos and snappy copy. No, really - I do! 

I'll provide you with the resources and education to style a brand and social presence that you're proud of; one that will make you want to put yourself out there and growwhether that means meeting new clients, rocking it at a blogger summit, or setting up shop at your first creative marketplace.

I know that when you put your purpose before the process of your business, that's when the magic happens. Your business isn't just a 9-to-5 work grind, it's your livelihood, and it's time to make it count.



More about me...

+ I really love Fall Out Boy. Like, seen-them-10-times-and-have-met-them love. What can I say?

I could eat sushi for lunch each day and never get tired of it.

I was the editor-in-chief of my college newspaper, which brought me so much joy!


My Story

I’ve always found it hard not to be creating. From stints in creative writing, to photography, to blogging - the need to have a fulfilling hustle is real for me and propels me forward.

In college I was dead-set on breaking into the competitive world of fashion magazine journalism, with my sights set on moving to New York City ASAP after graduation. 

As much as I planned out my career, life had other plans. 

After kicking off my career in advertising in Atlanta, I moved a year later to Denver, where I began working full-time in social media and digital marketing. My team was small, and outside of social all graphic design work also fell on my plate – and I loved it.

Flash forward to now: I'm living in St. Louis (Midwest is best!), enjoying a new adventure in a new city with my new husband, Paul, and dogs, River and Brooke. I've experienced more change in the last three years of my life than I ever have before, which has empowered me to grow, adapt and savor my awesome little digital community.

This path and story isn't what I had in mind – it's much greater than that, and pushes me each day.


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