lindsay scholz is a brand and social media designer for creatives.


I know how it feels to be bursting at the seams with ideas and exciting concepts without knowing how to turn them into an actionable, intentional brand – I've been there, and you're not alone.

I'll provide you with the resources and education to style a brand and social presence that you're proud of; one that will make you want to put yourself out there and GET IT - whether that means meeting new clients, rocking it at a blogger summit, or setting up shop at your first creative marketplace.

I know that when you put your purpose before the process of your business, that's when the magic happens. Your biz isn't just a 9-to-5 work grind - it's your livelihood.  



My Story

I’ve always found it hard not to be creating. From stints in creative writing, to photography, to blogging - the need to have a fulfilling hustle is real for me and propels me forward.

In college I was dead-set on breaking into the competitive world of fashion magazine journalism, with my sights set on moving to New York City ASAP after graduation. 

As much as I planned out my career, life had other plans. (Thank goodness!)

After kicking off my career in advertising in Atlanta, I moved a year later to Denver, where I began working full-time in social media and digital marketing. My team was small, and outside of social all design work also fell on my plate – and I loved it.

Flash forward to now: I'm living in St. Louis (Midwest is best!), enjoying a new adventure in a new city with my new husband, Paul, and dog, Brooke. I still listen to pop punk on the daily, (music post-2007 is the worst!), love sushi and could spend hours dabbling in InDesign. I've experienced more change in the last three years of my life than I ever have before, which has empowered me to grow, adapt and savor my community.

For me, having a heart for hustle is real. I help drive social strategy and community management for a national brand, and in my after-hours I'm building brands, styling social content and curating content like no other to help my clients look and feel their best.

This career isn't what I had in mind – it's much greater than that, and pushes me each day.

I can't wait to get to know you! 


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