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Vowed Box Co. is a line of curated gift boxes for non-traditional brides-to-be and bridemaids, which feature unique gifts from independent and artisan makers. Launched in March of 2018, I brought the brand identity, packaging, website and print marketing collateral to life to radiate Vowed Box Co.'s witty brand persona. 

Primary Logo

Vowed Box Co. Primary Logo


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Packaging Design

Ever the brand that caters to the non-traditional, "anti-bride" bride, Vowed Box Co.'s gift box packaging is punchy and in-your-face, while still maintaining a polished and inviting brand aesthetic and quirky messaging.

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Brand Overview Guide


Prior to launching, a Brand Overview Guide was developed for Vowed Box Co. that outlines the brand's mission, buzzwords, target consumer demographics and full product line. This guide is intended to be shared with press contacts, wholesalers and creative partners as the brand grows.


Vowed Box Co. Case Study.png
 Vowed Box Co. Website Design

E-Commerce Website Design

An e-commerce-friendly site was built for Vowed Box Co., which includes an interactive homepage with a quiz, a wedding-related blog, e-commerce landing page and brand mission statement page.


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