3 (Free!) Coding Resources for Website Designers

Let’s face it: coding can be difficult and very time consuming, but as a designer, I believe it’s necessary to create more custom, engaging website designs for clients.

It’s easy to use a website template, but taking your work to the next level with custom coding can really add value and, in the end, your client will see that.

Plus, you never know where your business is going to take you. Even if you won’t be consistently using code right now, it’s a great skill to have on hand to better communicate your designs to your client. 

Ready to step up your CSS and HTML game? I’m sharing three of my favorite, helpful and free coding resources below!

Resource #1: General Assembly’s Learn to Code Course

If you’re up for the job to start coding, this General Assembly’s Learn to Code course will walk you through how to code HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create stunning website designs. It’s completely free and teaches you the basics of web development to create modern sites as well as learning how to balance layout for easy navigation. 

Resource #2: Thirty Eight Visuals’ Squarespace tutorials

Is Squarespace your jam? Thirty Eight Visuals offers tutorials that can help you learn CSS tips and tricks allowing you to create super custom Squarespace websites. These tutorials are designed to simplify customization and save you time so you can build truly unique sites for your clients. Plus, many tutorials come with copy-and-paste code for even easier customization!

Resource #3: Codecademy free coding education center

Codecademy is great for all designers, no matter what skill level you are at because it’s customizable with what you want to learn. Codecademy offers free courses as well as upgraded courses that walk you through step-by-step how to code and design completely one-of-a-kind, functional websites. 

Are you a designer that uses code to build custom websites? Let me know your favorite resources in the comments!

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