Meet The Brand: Vowed Box Co.

Since January, I’ve spent my nights and weekends at work on a side business that started as an idea in 2016 and was birthed into existence at the end of March. Yeah, I know…another business! Did you *really* think I’d give up side hustles just because I brought my business full-time? Nah, never. World, meet Vowed Box Co. – curated, no-nonsense gift boxes for no-nonsense brides.

Let me give you a little backstory: the year was 2016, and I’d just gotten engaged. I’d never grown up dreaming of my wedding day, and I knew that the over-the-top wedding scene wasn’t my vibe.

I wanted gift boxes to ask my friends to be my bridesmaids, but none in the market were meeting my needs: something brash, bold and not full of glitter, cursive and frills. Around the same time, my friends mentioned that they had a hard time finding bridal gifts that would suit our friend group – everything was a little too polished, perfect and girly. Certainly not us!

The idea nagged me for the last year and a half, and this January I decided to do something about it. I launched an Instagram for Vowed Box Co. and posted a box mock-up before a product even existed...just to gauge interest. The response was overwhelming: followers were EXCITED that there was going to be a gift box catered toward the non-traditional bride. All the while offline, I was giving myself a crash course in packaging design, sourcing wholesale products, managing inventory, shipping and learning the ins and outs of sales tax. And running my full-time business. It was (and is) nuts! 

So today, here we are. I’m scared, excited and exhausted all at once finally sharing this idea-turned-reality. I learned three really big things during this process, and I want to share them with you, too: 

1. Don’t wait to start until you’re “ready” – because you’ll never start. Start when you have an idea that excites you, and learn everything else along the way. I’m still learning what “margin” really means...

2. Don’t care about what other people think (this is hard for me). There were so many times when I told myself that this idea didn’t make sense for my brand, or that I didn’t have any place throwing my hat into the wedding industry. Wrong!

3. Try cool sh*t, see what sticks and move on. This business may not stick. Sure, I’ll be sad if it doesn’t – but I tried, and I’ll never regret that.