How To Use Instagram Story Highlights To Elevate Your Brand

How To Use Instagram Story Highlights To Elevate Your Brand

Don't you just hate when you put a lot of time and thought into an Instagram Story, only to know that it'll be gone in 24 hours? Me too, me too! Thankfully, Instagram announced last month that we now have the ability to save, curate and share "Instagram Story Highlights," allowing us to extend the life of those precious Stories.

So...why does this matter?

With Instagram Story Highlights, you can now extend the life of your content and elevate your brand by providing your Instagram audience with a more personal experience as soon as they visit your profile with curated highlights. Ready to get started?

Think of your highlights as content categories.

When you visit my own Instagram profile, you'll see that I currently have three distinct, curated highlights: design, blog and business. Within each of these highlights I share relevant Instagram Story content that touches on these topics. Simple, right? Think of the top three or four topics that you blog about or share about on your Instagram feed and turn those into your first highlights.

Add your content to each highlight.

To begin adding content to each of your highlight categories, tap into the "new" highlight circle in your Instagram profile and begin adding your past content until you're pleased with how it looks. From there, you'll be able to name your highlight whatever you'd like!

Use CTAs to direct users to your highlights.

Now that you have your highlights set up, it's time to send your audience there! Since I frequently post about content on my blog and business tips in my Instagram feed, a call-to-action could look like this at the end of a caption, "Want to learn more about how I stay on productive during the week? Check out all of my favorite tips in my Biz Life Instagram Highlight – in my profile!"

Have you had success using Instagram Highlights to extend the life of your content and elevate your brand? Why or why not? I'd love to hear your thoughts on this new Instagram feature in the comments!