Heritage1933™ is a natural beauty company founded by Latoya Thompson and based in St. Louis. Heritage1933 aims to challenge the narrow perception of beauty and aligns their mission seamlessly to celebrate natural beauty and improve the lives of women and children in need.

With every product purchased, Heritage1933™ provides tools and products necessary to sustain hair care for women and children in local shelters. 

When Heritage1933's founder, Latoya, approached me to help lead the brand's social media strategy, I was elated! As someone who has always wanted to work with a brand that gives back, I admire Heritage1933's take on celebrating natural beauty and helping women feel beautiful.

Together, we created a beautiful and engaging social presence for Heritage1933, with daily content posted across Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and the brand's Facebook Group – Curl Talk.

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01. Instagram

 Heritage1933 social media strategy

One of the biggest challenges that Heritage1933 faced? Curating a cohesive Instagram feed that radiated their brand and core values.

We worked to curate Instagram-specific content that would go live on the brand's feed 5 days a week, with corresponding Instagram Stories for a boost in impressions and engagement. 


Instagram Stories


02. Pinterest


Since Pinterest is an important avenue for brand discovery and shopping via social media, we worked to elevate Heritage1933's presence on the platform.

On-brand Pinterest pins were created and posted 3 times per week, with SEO-rich keywords being included in pin descriptions to boost search rankings. In addition, non-Heritage1933 pins were added to the brand's boards to boost engagement and fill out boards with relevant content for the brand's target audience.

 Heritage1933 Pinterest strategy


 Heritage1933 Social Media Results
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