Outdoor Beginner
Blog Brand Identity


Natural + Colorado-inspired.


When my dear friend Laura of Outdoor Beginner approached me to help her concept a brand for her blog, to say I was overjoyed was an understatement! Laura and I first connected in the summer of 2014 before I took the leap, packed my car full of the only belongings I owned and ventured out West to live in Denver.

Over the last few years, Laura has worked hard to grow her blog and create fun, educational content that makes exploring the great outdoors a little less daunting for beginners. From knowing what to wear the first time you go hiking to mountain biking tips, Laura covers it all from a beginner’s perspective.

Prior to concepting her brand, Laura was clear in that she wanted to incorporate earth tones and a non-script, hand-drawn font into her new look and feel. Armed with this creative direction, I got to work!

I wanted to incorporate the adventurous essence of Colorado-living into Laura’s brand - because nothing beats it. With this in mind, I worked to include Denver’s coordinates subtly into Laura’s brand, as well as mountain details as logo marks.

The end result? A simple, stand-out brand that radiates meaning, purpose and utility. When I look at Laura’s final brand, the words “adventure,” “outdoorsy,” and “nature-inspired” come to mind. 


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