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Lark Skin Co. Case Study


LARK Skin Co. is a St. Louis-based line of natural hair, skin and beauty products with a mission to produce safe and easy products that seamlessly fit into a minimalist's day-to-day. LARK Skin Co. reached out to me when they needed help curating a cohesive, eye-catching feed on Instagram while boosting their audience's engagement and size week after week.

In addition to social media management and content curation, LARK wanted to boost their email marketing efforts through on-brand email send to share special deals and new products with their audience. Together, we've worked to create a fully branded presence for LARK Skin Co. across all digital marketing channels. 


 Lark Skin Co. Social Media Case Study

One of the biggest challenges that LARK Skin Co. faced? Curating a cohesive Instagram feed and regularly posting to their account to boost engagement and target their ideal audience.

We worked to curate on-brand content to go live on LARK's feed 5 days a week, with corresponding Instagram Stories for a boost in impressions and engagement. 


Instagram Stories

Email Marketing


In an effort to boost sales and drive site traffic to during the holiday season, branded email campaigns were designed and deployed to email subscribers. 

Sending regular, thoughtfully-designed email campaigns has since resulted in increased site traffic, email list subscriber retention and a lift in e-commerce sales.

 Lark Skin Co. Social Media Case Study
 LARK Skin Co. Social Media Case Study