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As you're reading this, you might just be fed up with branding for good. You've redesigned your logo countless times and end up hating it – what gives? You may also be wondering...

"What should my brand stand for and stand out from?"

"How do I even stick to a certain color palette"

"Why are my files always so darn blurry? UGH!"


Luckily, I've got a branding package for you that's going to cut out the guesswork with your brand and ensure that your business radiates its best visual story.

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Brand Design Package

What is it?

As I've worked with more clients who want a gorgeous visual brand experience, it's clear that a cookie-cutter, templated logo that we've seen everywhere before isn't going to set you apart from the competition. That's why I offer Brand Boost: a comprehensive branding package that gets you up-to-speed with a unique and functional brand identity.








We work together to nail down an authentic, real identity for your brand that tells a story.


We plan out a color palette that will paint your brand's story across a website, social media, marketing and more.



You receive brand logo variations and design elements to use wherever your brand is telling its story.


We pull inspiration from sources and elements that radiate your business's core values and strengths

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What You Get


30-minute discovery call to determine your brand goals


custom brand moodboard, 3 logo variations, color palette + brand inspiration


1 branded extra + high-resolution files for immediate use upon project completion

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Ready to rock it with a brand identity that you're proud of? I'm so excited to work with you. Please fill out the below questionnaire and I'll be in touch within 24 hours.

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