Why I Rebranded to My Own Name and Love It!

Why I Rebranded to My Own Name and Love It

First things first – thank you if you’re reading this! Over the last three months I’ve been anticipating this launch day, and I’m so grateful that you’ve clicked through to this story of transition, growth and learning when it comes to my brand. 

But, I need to tell you something. 

For the last four years, I’ve been in hiding. Hiding behind my former blog, That Working Girl, and the persona that I expertly curated through my blog content, Twitter chats and press features. For a while there I lost myself in my work – always striving, always competing, never feeling fully satisfied with where I was in my career. 

That Working Girl came to fruition in 2012 after a whirlwind trip to New York City that entailed a chance meeting with the editors at Cosmopolitan Magazine. As I was boarding my plane back home to Atlanta, the idea struck – I needed a venue to connect with likeminded, ambitious women, and fast. I was a rising senior in college, budding with ideas, a fervent love for writing and had a penchant for staying up to work through all hours of the evening. 

After That Working Girl launched, I was astounded to see the community that formed around the blog. There were women just like me – on the cusp of graduating college about to enter the world of PR, journalism or media – full of ambition and ready to run after their dreams at full force. I was helping others through the power of connection, and I absolutely loved it.

I experienced immense success thanks to That Working Girl. My beloved blog became exciting talking points in all job interviews; it landed me in multiple magazines and several guest blog features; it afforded me wonderful opportunities to collaborate with brands; it allowed me to be a guest on The Huffington Post Live to speak with my PR idol, Kelly Cutrone. 

Yet, somewhere in the midst of working full-time in the real world, trying to maintain my relationships and pushing myself to grow the blog, I lost my sense of self. 

I began equating my worth with my work

I was obsessed with succeeding – whatever that really means. 

I constantly weighed my career against those of my peers, always feeling inadequate.

I began to forget what brought me joy and fulfillment outside of work

So I took a step back and began to assess. What areas of my life truly brought me joy, and how could I share those things in an authentic way with the amazing community that I’d built online? 

This certainly wasn’t an overnight revelation. It took me months of intentionally resting, journaling and thinking about what work is most meaningful to me before I knew that it was time to make a change.

I’m not That Working Girl anymore. I’m just me.

I’m a newly married, creative, wants-to-help-others Lindsay Scholz. 

So it’s with a happy (and anxious!) heart that I welcome you to my new online space – lindsayscholz.com. 

My new site still retains its original heart, with the intent to inspire and motivate women toward fulfillment in their creative careers. You’ll still find the same helpful and motivational blog content, which I hope empowers you to GET IT! You’ll also find two new components of the site: branding and social media resources for creatives, small businesses and career gals who are ready to creative a cohesive online experience for their brand! 

I’m so excited to continue to share meaningful resources online while connecting like-minded ladies with each other. Stay tuned for opportunities to connect, grow and stretch your creativity more than ever before. 

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