My Top Resources for (Pretty!) Stock Photos

Free Styled Stock Photography Resources


For the sake of being real, I’m going to say it: shooting photos for social media and blog posts takes time, and at this point I’m pretty sure my husband is ready to call it quits on being my go-to photographer (ahem, Instagram husband), especially since I’m incredibly particular when it comes to angles and lighting. There - I admitted it!

Thankfully, stock photos have come to my rescue recently. If you’re anything like me, the words “stock photo” conjure up images of stark white backgrounds, staged office settings and a lot of fake smiling during so-called team meetings in a boring boardroom - no?

Gone are the days are boring stock photos, thanks to a few gems that I’ve found online over the last few years. Not only have these resources cut down the time that it takes me to write, edit and post a blog entry, but they’ve also gone easy on my wallet, as all of the great resources that I’m sharing today are my favorite word: free.

Learn more about each of my favorite free stock photography go-tos below - a few images may even look familiar to you, since they’re living on my homepage, in the blog and more!


Unsplash is the first free stock photography resource that I ever stumbled upon (thanks, Pinterest!) and I’ve been hooked ever since. What I love most about Unsplash is that it’s constantly updated with fresh, seasonal imagery and also allows its users to do whatever they’d like with all images without requiring attribution. I’ve used Unsplash images on my own website, in blog posts (including this post’s header!) and in social media content for clients and have been nothing but impressed.

The best part? You can search image by keyword, which will then pull up curated collections of images for your use. A few of my favorite free stock photography collections for creatives include: Flatlays, Digital Marketing, Perfectly Feminine and Styled.

Raw Pixel:

Raw Pixel is another great resource for free stock photography that also encompasses free graphic designs, typography and patterns for digital use. All of Raw Pixel’s images are bright, colorful and eye-catching, which make them perfect content to use in attention-grabbing emails or Instagram posts.

Unlike Unsplash, Raw Pixel doesn’t yet offer curated collections, but fear not! I did the work for you and dug up a few of my favorite search results, like: Flatlay, Creative and Social Media.


Pexels is yet another great resource for free stock photography that won’t be boring. Pexels serves as a search engine for all things free photos, and frequently pulls in images that are also available from Unsplash and Raw Pixel - talk about a one-stop spot!

A few of my favorite Pexels search results that I’ve revisited time and time again are: Design, Minimal, and Workspace.

I hope these resources for free stock photography serve you, your website and your brand well! To get you started, I've put together a handpicked collection of 10 of my favorited styled images that you can grab below.

Tell me in the comments below: what kind of imagery do you like sharing, and why?