Meet The Brand: Ampersand Coaching

It's been a minute since I've shared a branding project here on the blog, hasn't it? Luckily, I have a new one to share today that I'm ecstatic about!

In December, Marissa of Ampersand Coaching approached me to help her with a brand refresh for her life and coaching business that aims to enrich the lives of creative business owners. Marissa was armed with a lovely color palette and visual inspiration for her brand, but wanted to mesh those elements together to create a warm and inviting brand that her potential clients would instantly connect with.

And her one must-have for Ampersand Coaching's new brand identity? A unique ampersand symbol, of course! 

Check out the end result of Ampersand Coaching's brand identity refresh below, which consists of a full logo family and four fun blog and social media templates that you'll be able to catch on Marissa's website designed by Bloomology, which just launched yesterday

In need of a little career and life guidance? Marissa and Ampersand Coaching are here for you. Keep up with Marissa and Ampersand on Instagram and on Ampersand's official website.

Ampersand Coaching Brand Identity