How To Work From Home – In Style!

 How To Work From Home – In Style! 

Now that I've almost reached my one-year business anniversary, it's safe to say that I've learned a thing or two about working from my home office. One of the most important lessons I've learned? I'm immensely more productive when I'm dressed and feeling great about myself. 

But sometimes I just want to be comfortable – so what gives? 

Thankfully I discovered Sesoire's line of cool-girl sleep-lounge wear that seamlessly transitions from the bedroom to my home office. Because let's be real: now and then rolling out of bed and right into the office happens.

Ready to work from home in style? Here are two helpful tips for looking your best and creating your best work!

 How To Work From Home – In Style! 

Be ready for anything: from a day of client work to a video call. 

As a business owner, my days can be unpredictable: some days I'm solely focused on creating content for my clients, while other days call for back-to-back calls and meetings. Thanks to Sesoire's Short Sleeve Nightgown, I can hop on a quick video call with a client and none will be the wiser that I'm actually rocking comfortable sleepwear. Win!

 How To Work From Home – In Style! 

Feel put-together – but also comfortable.

Yoga pants and an old t-shirt used to be my go-to work-from-home uniform, but I started to feel sloppy and disheveled wearing this get-up day after day. With summer in full-swing, I've looked to Sesoire's Navy Chemise as a quick outfit to slip on when I know I'll be working from my home office all day, but still want to feel cool and dressed. When the temperatures cool down, I can add on the coordinating robe for a cohesive look that's comfortable and work-from-home friendly.

 How To Work From Home – In Style! 
 How To Work From Home – In Style! 

Do you have a hard time finding attire to wear around the house that still helps you feel put-together and great about yourself? Tell me about your go-to work-from-home outfits in the comments, and shop all of the Sesoire pieces shared in this blog post below!

Short Sleeve Nightgown
Navy Chemise
Navy Print Robe