How to Look Stylish While Working From Home

This post is in collaboration with Naturalizer – one of my favorite shoe brands! 

For side hustlers and freelancers like myself, you likely have two outfits that you rock each day: your office work ensemble, and your post-work work uniform. Because why not choose to be comfortable and in your element while working from home after-hours?

Personally, I do my best work from home when I'm feeling put-together and ready to run off to a meeting or community event at a moment's notice. No working in my pajamas allowed here!

Thankfully, I've been able to perfect my work-from-home style that suits me, and I can't wait to share it with you. If you work from home and have been struggling to find the motivation or creativity to feel great in what you're wearing, now's the time to dress for success. Keep reading for a few pieces in my closet that have found their way into my work-from-home look!

Yoga pants? Yes, please.

Confession: I used to be anti-yoga pants. I didn't believe in wearing athletic wear for anything other than working out, but recently, chic yoga pants have slipped their way into my freelancer's uniform. I like to pair my fitted, black pants with just about anything – a sweater and statement necklace on a chilly day, and with a blazer, tee and booties if I need to run to a creative event. My favorite pair of these comfy pants come from The North Face, and I swear I need two more pairs.

Grab your chic sneaks.

You wouldn't work in your 9-to-5 office without great shoes on, right? Then you definitely shouldn't plan on working without them from your home office, either! I'm a firm believer in being fully dressed and feeling great while working from home – it's a game changer between taking yourself and your work seriously and not. I love wearing my Morrison Sneakers to complete the perfect athleisure look while working. With low-profile sneakers currently making a comeback (I've seen them paired with everything from jeans to maxi dresses!), I like that the Morrison takes it up a notch with silver suede and fun textured details. Did I mention they feel like walking on clouds? It's true! I'm so excited about all of Naturalizer's new sneakers, boots and flats – check out there new look here.

Accessorize like a boss. 

One way that I like to take a home office look from basic to stand-out is my dressing up my sweater, yoga pants and sneakers uniform with fun and unique accessories. As a longtime lover of thrift stores, I can't tell you have many fun and eccentric necklaces I've gathered over the years that I love to throw on to add in a pop of color and texture. And bangles? Don't even get me started! Stepping up your home office look is as easy as a bib necklace or charming stack of bracelets. Don't know where to start? Aside from thrift stores, a few of my favorite places to pick up new accessories are Madewell, H&M and Anthropologie

Whether you're working from home full-time or while building your freelance business after-hours, looking and feeling great while on the job is important. I dare you to ditch the PJs and see how your work and motivation improves – your work-from-home look is just a few pieces in your closet away! 

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