How Freelance Writing Has Helped Me In My Business

How Freelance Writing Has Helped Me In My Business 

Ever since I was young I've been a writer. Short stories, essays, poems, news articles – you name it, I've probably written it at some point or another. 

When I went to college, it was a no-brainer that I would major in journalism. I declared my major immediately, began as a staff writer for my on-campus newspaper and by the time I was a senior I'd climbed the ranks and landed the coveted title of editor-in-chief of the publication.

I had lofty goals of working hard and landing a magazine internship in New York City, building a life for myself there, and one day – just maybe – starting my own magazine. Of course, things have turned out a little differently for me since then (and the print journalism landscape, too!), but I still hold writing near and dear to my heart. 

That's why when I took my business full-time, I knew that I wanted to incorporate freelance writing as one of my streams of income. And you know what? It's worked wonders for me and my business – here's why! 


AP Style...never goes out of style. 

If you were a journalism major, you know AP Style in and out – or at least you used to! I love adhering to helpful grammar and punctuation rules, and freelance writing has helped keep my writing and editing skills sharp. This has also trickled into my business while I'm writing branded social media copy for an array of clients, which gives me an added layer of confidence that I'll be delivering only the best, most grammatically correct content to my clients week after week. It's never too late to step up your writing skills with a refresher in grammar best practices.


A little byline goes a long way.

I'll never forget the first time that I saw my name in print. It was such an amazing feeling! Thankfully, even after all of these years I still get a little giddy when I'm published. Having a byline with a variety of online publications has added a layer of credibility to my brand and has also helped expand my business's reach, since most publications link back to their writers' websites. The next time you're preparing a pitch, consider this: would this publication be something that your ideal client may read? If so, that's all the more reason to begin contributing your words and stories!


Freelance writing keeps me connected to the outside world.

One of my favorite parts of the writing process is researching stories. I can't tell you how many times completing a writing assignment has forced me to learn something new or wrap my mind around abstract concepts to turn them into words. Now that I work from home, my days can feel a little isolating. Thankfully, my freelance writing endeavors push me to research contacts for stories, reach out for interviews with sources as-needed and to think outside of the little box of my office when it comes to pitching new story ideas.


Would you ever consider incorporating freelance writing as a revenue stream for your business? Why or why not? I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below! 


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