Facebook Groups That Every Creative Should Be A Part Of

Facebook groups that every creative should be a part of 

When you’re working on your creative side hustle or full-time business, it’s easy to fall into believing the lie that you’re in this all alone. And on paper, it may seem that way: long hours spent at your desk brainstorming strategy; answering loads of email; and of course, keeping up with invoices and crunching those numbers!

I’ve recently pushed myself to be more intentional in building stronger personal relationships, both on and offline. Just when I was feeling like no one would understand the crazy ideas and creative concepts that drift through my mind on any given day, I stumbled upon a few Facebook groups that turned that all around.

Because who says you have to do it alone just because you’re a solopreneur? Keep reading for the creative Facebook groups that have completely transformed the way I engage with other creatives and share my services in the digital space!

Being Boss

One of the first creative Facebook groups that I found during my hunt was Being Boss - and it’s a winner! If you’re familiar with the namesake podcast, then you know that Being Boss isn’t for the faint of heart when it comes to rocking a creative business. I’ve found that the leaders and ladies of this group are incredibly diverse and insightful, and are incredibly quick and helping in doling out invaluable business advice. From Etsy sellers to web designers, every type of creative is represented in this group.

The Gram Gang

Growing your Instagram takes great content and a sound strategy - there’s so much more to it than posting filtered images! I joined The Gram Gang when I knew that I was ready to hone in on Instagram and build up my community on the platform, and this group has been so helpful in sharing advice on everything from the elements of a great Instagram profile to industry-specific hashtags to improve engagement. Did I mention that the group’s leader, Stephanie, is a total boss?

The Rising Tide Society

The largest of all of the Facebook groups I joined, The Rising Tide Society is another great creative resource that is full of diverse business owners. Count of daily updates from photographers, graphic designers, creative vendors and more. What’s even better? There might even be a local Rising Tide Society group that you can join - I’m also a member of the St. Louis local chapter Facebook group! Stay plugged into this group for local #TuesdaysTogether events that happen across the country once a month, where creatives gather to connect with their local community and chat about specific marketing topics as a team.

What creative Facebook groups are you a part of that I should know about? Leave your favorites in the comments below and tell me why!

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