A Creative Minute With... Alisha Byrd, Clarity Coach & Author

A Creative Minute With... Alisha Byrd, Clarity Coach & Author

Meet Alisha Byrd: clarity coach, author and the woman behind the The Alisha Nicole personal brand! I first connected with Alisha years ago on Twitter (of course!), and have loved watching her progress and make big waves in her business over the years.

Read our conversation to learn more about how Alisha's business has changed over the years, and why it's ok to take a step back from your personal brand to focus on other endeavors.


Q: Share a bit of your story with us: what’s your creative background, and what led you to pursuing your business in clarity coaching? What does the coaching process look like, and what are some important lessons that you’ve learned as you’ve worked with your clients? 

A: I definitely didn't start my career thinking that I was going to be a business coach. I honestly didn't even know what a business coach was, believe it or not! My very first business was an online shop where I created and sold jewelry. I knew nothing about business at the time and quickly discovered that the road to entrepreneurship was lonely! I didn't know anyone else who had a business and didn't grow up in a family of business owners. So I turned to blogging to help me to talk about my journey, how the business was going and really to vent about what it was really like being a business owner! That one blog also turned into my sharing more on how I was building that business as well including the mistakes that I made. The more I shared, the more I began to build an audience and eventually I had women from all over emailing me wanting more advice on how to start a business of their own. It got to a point where I was spending more time answering emails than I was working. And although I loved helping them, I realized that I couldn't continue to give advice and neglecting the part of my brand that was supporting me. So I decided to charge people for me giving them advice. Again, I had no clue what a business coach really was so I was reluctant to give myself that title and I was only charging about $35 for my services, which is insane to think about now.

The more I helped women, the more I fell in love with the process. I eventually closed my online shop to fully focus on coaching and growing my personal brand. Right now my process is a lot simpler than it was when I first started out. I have three packages that potential clients can choose from that range from us working together for 90 mins all the way to working together for three months. We typically meet bi-weekly via UberConference and all of the scheduling and payments are handled through Acuity Scheduling, which I love!

The biggest lesson I have learned with working with clients is that there is definitely no one-size fits -all formula or method to how you can start or grow a business. I've had the honor of working with women from all different types of industries and I've learned quickly that the best way for them to begin seeing results is to tailor your coaching techniques to their specific needs. Some clients will be really great at picking things up while others may need a little more explaining. Some clients really want to focus on creating great content while others may want to focus on growing their audience. No client is the same which is why I love coaching so much.

"The more I helped women, the more I fell in love with the process."

Q: I always love to ask! What does your workday morning routine look like, and how do you try to maintain a balance between managing your coaching business, recording episodes for the Living Over Existing podcast and publishing your Living Over Existing book? 

A: My typical workday is usually different each day depending on what needs to be done or where I feel like working from but my mornings are typically the same! I wake up usually around 6:30 a.m. and I try to spend about 20-30 minutes reading my devotion and journaling. If I try to jump right into work after waking up, I notice that I become really frustrated throughout the day and something just seems "off," so I try to start my mornings as slow as possible to get my mindset ready for the day.

As far as balance, I can't really say that I believe it is possible to equally balance it all. I think you have to decide what takes priority in the moment and give yourself some grace on what doesn't. In this season I am really focusing on building Living Over Existing and launching the book. Outside of making sure that my clients are taken care of, I've had to put my personal brand on hold for awhile. And that's OK, because I know that I am not only building something that will be equally as valuable, but I also know that it will be there once I am ready to shift my focus again.


A Creative Minute With... Alisha Byrd, Clarity Coach & Author

Q: Who is your ideal coaching client, and where are they in their career or business?

A: My ideal coaching client is a creative woman I would say between the ages of 25-35 who is eager to build a creative online business. She is also a go-getter and is willing to not only consume the advice she is given, but also do the work necessary to begin seeing results. She is typically either at the very beginning stages of building her brand and just needs some clarity and direction, or she has an established brand but is ready to take it up a notch. I love working with people who are just starting out because I can help them shape and mold their ideas until they hit that lightbulb moment!

"I love working with people who are just starting out because I can help them shape and mold their ideas until they hit that lightbulb moment!"

Q: What’s next for you and your coaching services, podcast and book in 2018?

A: In 2018 I want to really put focus into seeing where Living Over Existing will go. What was supposed to be just a book turned into a podcast and now an entire online platform for creative women who are wanting to live their life and create their business on purpose. I'm excited to continue allowing women to share their story on the podcast and work on building out the community. As far as coaching, I definitely look forward to working with new clients later next year!

A Creative Minute With... Alisha Byrd, Clarity Coach & Author

Q: For fellow women who are seeking a creative outlet or want to take their creative business to the next level, what would your greatest piece of advice be?

A: I would definitely say to do what YOU feel called to do. There is so much chatter and noise in this world and on the internet about what's profitable, what's not and what you should be doing in order to be successful. While you can take that advice, please don't forget what your original goal is, and don't be afraid to focus on that. It's so easy to ignore what you really want to do because of what you see is working for everyone else. But just because it's working for them, doesn't mean it will necessary work for you.

Keep up with Alisha on Facebook, on Instagram at @thealishanicole and both her personal website and site for Living Over Existing to learn more about what she's up to with her brand, book and coaching business!