6 (Free!) Tools That Every Social Media Manager Should Use

6 (Free!) Tools That Every Social Media Manager Should Use

When it comes to managing social media for brands, having your ducks in a row with the right tools and apps will not only streamline your process, but save you tons (TONS!) of time.

Have you found yourself spending your precious minutes logging out and logging into multiple accounts for clients? How about forgetting an Instagram post that was supposed to go out at 7 a.m. stat...and you woke up at 7:30? Or the actual worst: missing an inbound tweet from an angry customer that starts to spiral out of control. -insert ugly crying emoji here-

Lucky for you, help is on the way! In the last few years that I've spent managing social media for brands, I've learned a thing or two about processes and automation that have made the client experience that much better for the lovely brands I've assisted.

Ready to take control of your social strategy and ramp up engagement? Keep reading! 

01. Buffer - your scheduling BFF

If you're still cranking out Facebook posts, tweets and pins in real time, I'm happy to fill you in on the magic of Buffer. Not only is Buffer's interface seamless and pretty, but the free plan also allows you to schedule 10 social posts ahead of time for up to 5 social profiles. If you want to be really fancy and schedule more content, a premium membership costs only $10/month.

02. Trello - content planning made easy

The day I discovered Trello was the day that I said buh-bye to my piles of printed out, scratched out social content plans and hello to a easy-to-use calendar that housed all content for all of my clients. In one place! I love how easy Trello makes it to set up super-visual content calendars for yourself and your clients that you can easily update in just a few clicks.

03. Google Drive - one-stop brainstorming 

The best part about Google Drive is that you probably already have one, but may not be using it to its full potential. One of the best things about Google Drive is that you can edit documents as a team. I like to set up a word document that my clients can access, where we can bounce ideas around and eventually bring them to beautiful, social media fruition. Hashtag brainstorm sessions? Those are the best.

04. VSCO and ColorStory - images, beautified 

Scrolling through a cohesive, well-branded Instagram feed instantly brings me a sigh of happy relief. I can't be the only one, right?! VSCO and ColorStory are both apps that I use interchangeably when editing and prepping content to go live on Instagram, and the end results have been amazing. Does your client want a minimalist, unsaturated feel for their Instagram feed? There's a filter for that. Both apps provide a seamless experience, with images always looking their best.  

05. UNUM - preview your future feed 

Ever been ready to press "post" on an Instagram and have felt instantaneous anxiety about how that image will flow with your existing feed? That's the worst feeling, friends! Thanks to UNUM, my must-look-perfect-always anxiety has been quelled. The free app allows you to upload images into your grid to see exactly what your feed will look like once the image is posted. Pure magic! 

06. ApphiPost - schedule them 'grams 

Ah, Instagram. The last platform to come around to scheduling - and it's about time! As soon as I discovered ApphiPost in the app store I was in love. Not only does ApphiPost allow you to schedule Instagram content, but it also posts on your behalf, completely hands-off. No messy push notifications to deal with here!

And there you have it - six quick and easy tools that will make your life that much easier while creating, curating and managing content for all of those awesome client friends of yours. I hope these tools brings you happiness and productivity as you begin using them! 

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