3 Ways to Elevate Your Brand on Instagram Stories

Love, hate or just plain confused by ‘em - Instagram Stories are here to stay, and I’ve personally been a fan since day one. As an inherent minimalist, the day that Stories launched my heart leapt at the fact that I could condense my feed and real-time, temporary moments all within one platform (adios, Snapchat!).

Since Stories are still a few months new, now is the perfect time to hop on and make a splash with your brand.

Do Insta Stories have to be as perfectly planned and curated as your feed? Nope! Which is the beauty of it. What’s not to love about sharing more of your real, authentic self with an audience that’s eager to get to know more of you and your heart?

To get you inspired and started on your new Instagram storytelling journey, here are three ways that you can use the Stories feature to elevate your brand on the platform.

And because every Story deserves to look gorgeous, I’ve designed three templates that you can use as the backdrop for your next big Story launch. I can’t wait to see what you create while using them!

Cross-promote your blog or site content like a boss.

One of the most common ways that I’ve seen creatives use Insta Stories is to cross-promote an exciting new blog post or website feature in addition to a post on their feed. What I adore about Stories is that you can keep the conversation going outside of your feed - and paint a meaningful narrative around your best work.

Let’s say you’re a photographer who just shot the most in-love, adorable couple’s engagement photos, and you just hit the publish button (best feeling ever!) on their shoot recap blog post. You proceed to share one winning still shot on your feed. What’s the next step?

Give a more in-depth, intimate peek at the little details of the shoot in your Story - like ring shots, outtakes and spontaneous butt grabs (holla!) - to share more of the work that lights you up. Even better? Consider planning ahead to record b-roll video on your phone during a shoot so that that can be included in your Story, too!

Add value by educating your audience.

Another great way to serve your audience? Use Insta Stories as a means of short, snappy education! Because let's face the facts: our attention spans are only (sadly) getting shorter and shorter.

Think of your unique skill set and capitalize on that to find creative ways to share your talents with your community. Are you great at hand lettering? A 5-6 frame Story is a great way to share a few pointers for beginners with your audience. Have a thing or two to say about building an email list? Spell it out in a Story. 

Not only does educational provide value within reach to your audience, but it also positions you as a go-to resource.

Share a glimpse of your workflow.

This is a great approach for artists, designers or other creatives who take on clients on a regular basis. Taking a transparent approach and sharing what your work process looks like from start to finish builds trust and gives potential clients a taste of what you're all about. 

If you're a brand designer, consider sharing a step-by-step guide to your planning and conceptualizing process when beginning on a new project – from the kick-off call notes to the initial mood board. 

Your potential clients want to see what this process could like like for them – why not be a step ahead in providing a helpful visual?

Ready to make waves with your next Insta Story? I sure want you to.

I've designed three unique templates for education, content sharing and storytelling sure to make your Story pop among the rest – grab it below, friends. I can't wait to see the beautiful Stories that you create using them!