3 Things That Every Client Case Study Needs

3 Things That Every Client Case Study Needs

Last week on Instagram Stories, I asked my audience a simple question: "If I put together a guide for creating client case studies that convert...would that help you?"

The answer? An overwhelming amount of YESES!

While I'm still in the process of wrapping my head around what this guide will look like (How long will it be? Will it be a free or paid resource? When will it launch?), I wanted to chat with you about the three things that every client case study needs. Too often I see incredibly talented designers and social media strategists who create amazing work, but don't know how to show it off in its best light. It's time to change that! 

Are you currently struggling with finding ways to put together case studies that showcase your best work and have the potential to convert new potential clients into paying customers? Keep reading for a few pointers to get you started!

1. Begin with a brand narrative

Rather than diving into hard data from the get-go, I've found that beginning my client case studies with background information on the brand in reference adds value by pointing out where a brand needed help and how we decided to work together to fix it. For example, in the below introduction statement for Heritage1933, I share who the brand is, what they needed help with (brand strategy on social media), and how we worked together to elevate the brand.

3 Things That Every Client Case Study Needs

2. Share high-quality work samples

Work samples may very well be the most important part of your case study. After all, potential clients want to see what you're all about! For my social media clients, this looks like pulling together examples of top-performing Instagram posts, Instagram Stories and Facebook ads; for branding and web design clients, this looks like sharing out full logo families, website proofs and – when applicable – before-and-after views of revamped websites. In my case study for branding client Juris Clothing, all elements of the branding process were shared – from final logo assets, to visual inspiration and typography!

3. Communicate meaningful results and data

Sure, designing quality, eye-catching creative matters, but what use is it if it doesn't help meet your client's overall objectives? I end each of my case studies with relevant data that potential clients will want to see if they're toying with the idea of investing in a social media strategy or refreshed brand. For social media clients, this looks like sharing important metrics like a lift in impressions and reach; for design clients, this looks like listing out each of the client's objectives that were met with the final web or brand product. In my case study for client and beauty brand LARK Skin Co., increases in Instagram audience size, Instagram engagement rate, total Instagram Story views and a boost in the brand's email click-through rate were all communicated.

3 Things That Every Client Case Study Needs

Do you struggle with creating meaningful case studies for your clients? You aren't alone! I'm so excited to share my upcoming Client Case Studies That Convert guide with you in the coming weeks. Sign up for updates and be the first to know when the guide is available below.