3 Squarespace Features for a More Luxe Website Design

There are quite a few great website building platforms and none of them are wrong to use, but for me, Squarespace is my preferred website platform of choice. Not only because it's easy to use, but its features can be customized to create a luxe, high-touch user experience for site visitors!

Coding can take some time to learn, so if you’re on a time crunch or just don’t have much experience with it yet, there are still things you can do to create a high-quality website design layout. 

These are three features available on all Squarespace templates (without coding!) that I love adding to sites for a beautiful design. 

Overlap Image Blocks

These blocks are no-fuss because they allow for offset and overlapped text on images without coding or having to add text to images yourself in Photoshop (this helps boost SEO visibility, too!). Adding these into your website designs can add dimension and lend a luxe feel that most designers aim for. 

Image Animations

This is a newer feature within Squarespace that allows site designers to add animations to their images on each page. A few of my favorite subtle animations include the "Fade In" and "Slide from Right" features. Animation brings an interactive, custom feel to Squarespace website designs and can help the user experience flow smoothly when placed and timed correctly. 

Index Pages

Love websites that transition to different background colors as you scroll down the page? This is thanks to index pages within Squarespace! Adding the index page feature to your site can help break up sections of your site and give a different feel to every scroll. My template, Brine, allows for these and makes for a beautiful site experience across desktop and mobile. 

Were these 3 features helpful to you? I love chatting about no-coding Squarespace design hacks. Leave your best tips or questions in the comments below!