3 Online Learning Destinations To Step Up Your Skills In A Slow Season

3 Online Learning Destinations To Step Up Your Skills In A Slow Season

For some small business owners, the holiday season signals the start of a slower season. One where client work may be a little lighter, new business leads have taken a break and you have a moment to clear your head and start planning for Q1 of next year.

What's great about these slower seasons in business is that they give us a chance to step back from our daily grind and focus on other areas of life that we'd like to focus on. For me, that currently looks like putting a big emphasis on learning!

Does that sound like you right now, too? Step up your skills during a slow season with these five online learning destinations – no classroom required!


Have a hobby you'd like to dive into? It's likely that Skillshare has a class for it! With access to over 18,000 online classes (yep, you heard that right!) for $15 a month, Skillshare is a total boss when it comes to online learning. A few of my favorite classes include logo design, surface pattern design and visual storytelling basics.

General Assembly

Where are all of my coding friends at? General Assembly is a one-stop online destination for all things UX design, coding and digital marketing. About three years ago I took General Assembly's free online coding class, which totally got me hooked on all things HTML and CSS. I honed those skills over time, and now I use them every day while designing websites for my clients. How's that for things coming full-circle?

Brit + Co

Not only is Brit + Co a great destination for creative lifestyle content, but it's also a go-to source for creative online learning. Unlike Skillshare and General Assembly, Brit + Co offers online classes for niche DIY mavens – I'm talking cooking decorating, digital pet illustration, embroidered typography and more. It's time to get crafty! 

What new skills do you want to learn during your slow season? As for me, I'd personally love to learn more in-depth CSS, Illustrator and hand lettering skills!

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