2018 Brand Goal Setting Guide (+ My Top 3 Goals for 2018!)

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If you follow me on Instagram, you've probably seen me talking about my free 2018 Brand Goal Setting Guide workbook – and now, it's finally here! 

Every year around November, I make a point to begin writing out my biggest goals for the next year: for my business as a whole, for upcoming projects, for my clients and for my income. Honestly, my whole process used to be overwhelming and hard to get through. So this year, I decided to do things different and include you in my planning journey. 

Below you'll find the download link to my Brand Goal Setting Guide, which includes 8 pages of planning tools, clarity exercises and resources. The guide covers the things that may be hard get a head start on while planning, like setting tiered income goals and planning out monthly milestones.

My hope is that this guide will make planning more enjoyable and less stressful for you – because you should find joy in all parts of your business. Curious about what my big business goals are for 2018? I'm sharing them with you here!

1. Find more ways to automate my business 

This is the big goal for me. I want to find more ways to free up my time, so that I can dedicate those extra hours and minutes to new projects and planning for the future. Although I haven't determined exactly how I'll make this happen just yet, this could like like hiring a virtual assistant, investing in a new client management CRM or reassessing my workflows. 

2. Increase my rates, decrease my client workload 

When I was still side hustling and just entering my business full-time, I wrestled with my rates a lot, and just recently got them to a place that I feel comfortable with. However, a new year means that it's a new opportunity for me to step back, assess what I'm making now, and how I can boost my income in the future. For me, this looks like slightly increasing my rates so that I can service my ideal clients without feeling like I'm stretched too thin. 

3. Attend one industry-related conference per quarter

I've quickly discovered that I'm just a little too content with working from home...and can sometimes go a few days without truly leaving the house! Although I love my home office, I know that putting myself out there and networking is important. So, the solution? I'm going to push myself to attend one industry-related conference per quarter. A few must-attend conferences on my list for 2018 are Create Cultivate and The Yellow Conference.

Tell me: what are your biggest goals and hopes for next year? Grab your free 2018 Brand Goal Setting Guide below!

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