How I Edit My Instagram Photos Like a #Boss


DISCLAIMER: Nope, this post isn’t sponsored by A Color Story! I just truly love this magical gem of an editing app, and you just might too after reading this post. 

I don’t believe in #nofilter. As Instagram has blown up over the last few years, it seems like a new photo editing app is released each week, and I’ve found myself trying them all. Since I manage Instagram for the brand I work for full-time and maintain my own personal account, I like to think that my #instagame is strong! 

Recently, I’ve had friends and coworkers ask me how I edit my Instagram photos on the go, and I’ve been dying to gush about my new favorite editing app – A Color Story. If you like to keep your snaps bright, fresh and colorful, this one’s for you.  

Below I’m sharing a few of my tips and tricks for how I keep my Instagram feed seamless, colorful and clean:

Stick with the essentials.

I love A Color Story because it’s an easy-to-use app with several great app presets to choose from. My personal favorite is in the Essentials collection and is called Lite Bright, which instantly gives a light, airy feel to photos. I like for my feed to have a carefree and feminine feel, so this one works perfectly for me! If you want to explore further, I definitely recommend checking out the paid filters within A Color Story, all of which are a one-click solution to remedying overexposed or too-dark photos. Fun, artsy filters like bokeh and light leaks are also available if that’s up your Instagram alley.

Brighten up, buttercup.

One thing that I do to all of my Instagram photos? I set their exposure just a wee bit higher than it should be, which helps make the photo pop on my feed and make all colors within the image stand out. This is a function that’s doable within A Color Story as well, which you can customize to your liking by swiping to the left or right. Take time to play around with brightness, contrast and exposure to find the best fit for your photos.

Filter, save, repeat!

OKAY, FRIENDS. This is my favorite thing about this editing app, and it’s actually been a huge timesaver and godsend. After you save your image for posting in A Color Story, you’re also able to select the “Save Editing Steps” button, which essentially memorizes and saves down all of the tedious steps that you took to perfect that photo into one easy filter, meaning that you can replicate that same edit over and over again. I’m all for automation, and this is just genius! If you’re a Type A Instagrammer like me who wants her feed to look colorfully cohesive (and sometimes deletes images that aren’t cohesive after posting…eek!), this is the perfect function for you.

What are your favorite editing apps for Instagram, and how do you feel about the current state of your feed? Share your favorite editing tips below, or tweet them to me at @HeyWorkingGirl!