3 Ways I'm Using Coloring to Quell Anxiety

3 Ways I'm Using Coloring to Quell Anxiety

I'm just now coming to terms with the fact – and feeling comfortable sharing – that I deal with bouts of anxiety on a near daily basis. Like many women my age, I worry about my career, my future, and what life will even look like for me next week. I also find myself worrying about not-so-common things: will my next flight be my fateful last? What if I find out something terrible at my next doctor's appointment? What if I lose a family member? You get the picture – not good!

To calm my nerves and deter myself from going down the path of repetitive fearful thoughts, I've turned to indulging relaxing activities after work. Lately, I've taken up coloring! I recently fell in love with two coloring pages -  one created by blogger and designer Justina Blakeney (love her!) and another created by Santa Margherita - and I've had the best time coloring away at portions of them in the evening. You can download both of the whimsical pages for free HERE and HERE. I'm sharing more info about her She Shed campaign at the end of this post! 

Coloring has helped ease my mind in so many ways - including these:

Repetitive tasks > repetitive thoughts.

Like I mentioned before, I sometimes struggle with repetitive fearful thoughts. I've learned how to channel those through scribbling colors onto my coloring pages and fully focusing my undivided attention toward the task at hand. I love how I can completely unplug, relax and focus on creating a beautiful, maybe-frameworthy creation. 

Go for calming colors.

I've noticed that coloring with light blues, lilacs, peaches and light greens not only create a masterpiece of a design, but are also super calming. I'm a big believer that colors in our environments can affect our moods and thoughts, so it's really nice to focus on a soothing and beautiful color palette. 

It's alright to color outside of the lines.

As a Type A child growing up, accidentally coloring outside of the lines in kindergarten made me REAL mad. Now, I try not to sweat it as much. Making little smudges or mistakes while coloring gives me a vivid reminder that perfection is only a myth, and that if I made a misstep at work that day, it's OK to forgive myself and move on. Life's too short to walk in a careful, straight, calculated line. The same goes for coloring :)

So, about that She Shed. Wouldn't you want to win your ultimate gal zone?  

Santa Margherita wines and Justina Blakeney are teaming up for the She Shed program, which is providing summer entertaining inspiration and offering consumers an opportunity to be part of a consumer generated build of the shed. Throughout the summer, fans and followers will have the opportunity to vote on featured décor items for the chance to win Santa Margherita-inspired gift baskets, alongside a $5,000 grand prize for one lucky winner to create their own dream outdoor entertaining area. Check out there campaign HERE and don't forget to enter! 

Would you ever consider coloring away your anxiety? How do you cope with worried feelings? Share your thoughts in the comments below!