Hello, Working Girl: Jane Wu Brower of Goalposte

Meet Jane Wu Brower, the founder of sports e-newsletter Goalposte. Jane recently made the transition from her full-time job to running her own business, and has learned many important lessons along the way. Learn more about what sparked the beginning of Goalposte and how Jane is rocking her new digital entrepreneur lifestyle below! 

Q: You recently made a big transition and left your consulting work to start your own company - Goalposte. How does Goalposte set itself apart from other newsletters? What are some of the fears and happy feelings that you've experienced in starting your own company? 

A: Goalposte is a daily newsletter that summarizes the major sports happenings of the day in a fun and accessible way for busy sports fans and sports novices alike.  The idea for Goalposte came to me during my time working as an attorney in NYC for a big law firm. I was staffed on a case representing MLB, which was exciting but also terrifying because I had no idea what was happening in baseball. As I got more entrenched in the case, I was invited to events and business development dinners with high-profile sports clients and law firm partners. All the while, I was on pins and needles that they would discover my big secret, so I would sit quietly while they talked sports.

From this experience, I thought there was a need in the marketplace for a product that could make sports fun and accessible for anyone who wanted to learn more. This product could help sports novices or busy sports fans stay on top of the major sports news that their friends, significant others, and/or colleagues would be chatting about. The idea stuck with me for the next several years, and just this year I decided to take the leap and create Goalposte.

The hardest part was getting started. It was really daunting to taking the leap from a stable income and respectable career as a management consultant to becoming an entrepreneur. It was terrifying but also thrilling to put my skin in the game and work on something that I feel passionately about.  Because of my own origin story and professional background, I have a particular desire to create a tool that helps even the playing field for young professional women who are trying to navigate male-dominated workplaces.

Q: I love hearing about the routines of awesome boss ladies. What are some of your daily rituals that take place during your new workdays? 

A: I have a pretty unconventional work schedule, because I'm running a one-woman shop. Every morning I wake up really early to finish up the daily newsletter, by checking different news sources to make sure I hit all the major stories of the day.  Afterwards, I spend the morning strategizing and executing on new customer acquisition strategies.  At lunch, I take a break to work out, and in the afternoons and evenings I generate additional content for the site.

Q: What is your working environment like, and how do you add structure to your days while compiling content for Goalposte?

A: I typically work from home and I have ESPN running on the TV all day long – when I tell people that, they get very jealous!  Because I work from home, I think it's important to try to keep as regular a schedule as possible to make sure that I am productive throughout the day and to draw work-life balance boundaries.

Q: Where do you source content for Goalposte, and are there any additional members working on your team to help out with the newsletter? 

A: I check all the major sports news outlets: ESPN, FoxSports, CBSSports, Bleacher Report, etc... and make sure that I cover the top stories that are hit on all the sites.  

Currently, it's just me working on the daily newsletters, but I have a couple of fantastic contributors that are going to be helping out on additional content this summer.

Q: For women yearning to pursue full-time entrepreneurship, what would your top words of wisdom be? 

A: I agree with many of the other entrepreneurs you've interviewed. It's really important to have a strong network of friends and family to support you because there are going to be highs and lows of starting your own business.  Having people that you trust to bounce ideas off of or vent to is incredibly important and valuable.  Also get out there and network, network, network!  You never know what interesting people you will meet.

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