Hello, Working Girl: Kayla Hollatz

I'm so very excited to introduce today's boss babe – Kayla Hollatz! Kayla and I first connected via Twitter in 2013 when she was seeking an internship opportunity with TWG (best intern, EVER!). Flash forward three years, and Kayla is now rocking her own business and making BIG things happen with her community coaching and creative services. Are you seeking more fulfillment in your work, or want to take your side hustle full-time? Learn more about Kayla's inspiring journey below! 

Q: You recently made a big transition from full-time agency work, to part-time agency part-time freelance, to full-time entrepreneurship. What are some of the fears and happy feelings that you experienced along the way? Do you think that your decision to pursue part-time freelancing made the switch to full-time entrepreneurship less complicated?

A: I've been running my business full-time for about a month now, and I've had some of my highest highs coupled by my lowest lows. I'm convinced that any time you try something new, you're forced to ask yourself bigger questions like "What is my purpose?" and "Is this lifestyle sustainable?" 

I'm thankful for the flexibility and freedom entrepreneurship gives you, but I'll admit it'll take some time getting used to with setting my own schedule, working from home nearly everyday, and not having an automatic paycheck deposited into my bank account. More than anything, I'm looking at this year as a big experiment. It's my time to create and launch as much as I can which is exciting. I knew it was time to take the leap and I prepared for it so now it's time to make those big things happen!

Q: I love hearing about the routines of awesome boss ladies. What are some of your daily rituals that take place during your new workdays? 

A: I'm still in the process of nailing down all of my routines but I usually wake up and try not to check my phone first thing in the morning so I can do some light journaling or reading before I do a quick at-home workout. Then I get ready for the day which includes checking social media and answering any emails in my inbox while listening to a podcast or calm music depending on the day. 

Q: What is your working environment like, and how do you add structure to your days?

A: I like to schedule my coaching calls on the same days so I can devote some days to writing and creating my own projects while devoting others to my clients. It helps me get in the zone, know what to expect in the upcoming day, and set extra boundaries for myself. 

Working from home can get a bit lonely so my new favorite thing is to have work sessions with other creative entrepreneurs in the Minneapolis area. It helps to be surrounded by other creatives who know what you're experiencing and can offer their support. Sometimes if I just need a quick change of scenery, I'll work at the library or a coffeeshop. 

Q: What is community and brand coaching, and what kind of services do you provide to your clients? How do you know if a client is the right fit? 

A: I help creative bloggers and entrepreneurs build sustainable, organically grown communities through content that connects. We work on finding their target audience, where they can best connect with their people on social media, and crafting the best messaging and content for them. 

It's been so rewarding to work one-on-one with creatives who have the same heart for community as I do. A client is the right fit if they care about who they are selling to, not just the numbers. Also, if they're interested in natural, organic growth that only comes from building a community for the long-term.  

Q: For women yearning to pursue full-time entrepreneurship, what would your top words of wisdom be? 

A: Build a support system around you before you take the leap into full-time entrepreneurship because it will help when you go through periods of self-doubt which any first-year entrepreneur can tell you happens. This can be in the form of an offline and online community. I wouldn't be where I am without either. 

Keep up with Kayla on Twitter and Instagram, and connect with Kayla for coaching on her site HERE!