It's Time to Organize Your Personal Life!

Work, life, friends, bills and events – they all seem to pile up quickly, leaving little or no downtime. Carving out personal time can be tricky but not impossible.

If you use these five techniques to help organize your life, you’ll decrease your stress while creating space and time that you didn’t even know you had:

Apply Minimalism to your Home
Don’t waste your time or money on another storage system. You don’t need a better way to store your belongings – you need fewer belongings, plain and simple.

If you can purge your home of the overwhelming clutter, you’ll only have useful and meaningful items remaining. It will save you time because you won’t have to search through all your unwanted clothing, housewares and possessions until you find what you’re looking for. You’ll have a clear mental inventory of what you own.

A great way to apply minimalism to your home is with the principles set out by Japanese cleaning consultant, Marie Kondo. She details how to sort through and clean you home in her bestselling book, Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing Book.

Once you done culling your closet, pantry and garage, you can donate your unwanted belongings to various charities. Many non-profit organizations seek furniture, clothing and other household items, including Goodwill or the Salvation Army.

Remember the less you own, the less you have to organize.

Avoid Bargains
A good price can tempt us all. It is hard to resist a bargain, however if you want to be organized, resist you must.

It comes down to accumulating stuff you don’t need and won’t use. Sales can prompt us to purchase items we never planned to get.

To avoid this trap, make sure you write down what you need to buy, before you enter the store. If you stick to your list, you’ll avoid clutter and stay organized.

Automate! Automate! Automate!
If you can delegate, do it! This includes delegating your tasks to technology like automatic payments for your credit card and utility bills. Sure,  it will take time to initially set it up, but once you do you won’t have to make time for it in your busy schedule monthly or weekly.

This will also provide emotional space for you, as you won’t need to stress about paying bills or missing the due date.  

You can also automate your home. You can keep your home safe and functioning properly with the click of a button. From your smartphone you can take care of important tasks such as controlling lighting, the heat and even the security of your home.

Set Schedules and Deadlines
Whether it's a physical calendar on your kitchen fridge or the schedule on your smart phone, use it. This will help you to plan your week and keep track of what you need to accomplish.

Make sure to add all your appointments, social events and obligations because if you don’t know what you’ve committed to, when and where, it will be impossible to stay on top of it all.

When you set deadlines, you are also setting goals for yourself. It will help you to create forward motion and success in your life. Scheduling will provide clarity, not clutter in your mind and activities.

Centralize your Passwords
How many minutes and cumulative hours have you spent trying to remember and track down passwords for your various accounts online? Countless, I bet.

To avoid this and get organized, create a place where you can safely store and easily access the data. You can do this using an online password manager that allows you to create one password to secure all your other passwords, or keep the important codes offline in a single place.

Please don’t try saving time by only having a single password for everything, that will only save identity thefts time.

Life is busy, there is no doubt about that. To keep your sanity and maintain work-life balance in the midst of it all, you need to stay organized.
If you can apply these few simple techniques, you will find you have more time to play with. You’ll make time, be more productive, reduce stress and in the process, you’ll be happier! Share your personal organization tips with us in the comments below or tweet at @HeyWorkingGirl

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