3 Ways to Enjoy More Productive Mornings

Let’s be real for a second – learning to be a morning person can be hard. Hitting snooze is all too tempting, but getting in a full morning of productivity before work? Even better. 

I’ve collaborated with Community Coffee to bring you my top 3 tips for creating a morning routine that works best for you, all while making the most of your time. Over the years these little changes to my days have helped immensely! 

Challenge your personal wake-up time. 

It’s easy to fall into a routine of repeatedly hitting snooze and waking up in a mad dash – I’ve been there. To combat falling back into that way of life, I challenge myself to set my alarm back just 5 minutes earlier every month. Not only do a squeeze a little more time into my mornings, but I also wake up feeling more refreshed and alert. 

Wake up and smell the coffee – and toast and vitamins.

Have you ever thought about the time it takes to brew a great cup of coffee? About 5 minutes, if you’re like me and insist on boiling water and using a pour-over. Rather than bumming around or playing on your phone, treat those 5 minutes like gold! 

I typically use these idle 5 minutes to pop some bread in the toaster, pack a light lunch and down my daily multivitamin. By the time I get to chug my coffee, I’m already feeling a lot more organized. Challenge yourself to use those idle times in the morning to get little tasks done, and you’ll be amazed at the time it saves you. 

I’m currently loving Community Coffee’s line of whole bean coffees (the Brazil is my personal fave!), which taste fresh and amazing. Check out all of their roast varieties here – there’s a favorite for everyone! 

Scan your email for quick replies.

Email overwhelm is a real thing, especially if you’re juggling a full-time job on top of a blog or small business like I am. I don’t touch work email before leaving the house in the morning, but I will set aside 10 extra minutes to scan my blog’s inbox and pick out the top 3 emails that I can address and respond to quickly. Taking the extra time to do this not only streamlines my inbox, but leaves me with the responses I needed to said emails by the time I get home each day. 

What are your go-to tricks for maximizing the time you have in the morning to kick butt and #GSD? Leave your thoughts below or tweet me at @HeyWorkingGirl!