Hello, Working Girl: Annie Vickrey of Annie Vickrey Photography

Meet Annie Vickrey, the photographer behind the creative lens of Annie Vickrey Photography. I'm so excited to share Annie's unique success story today – you never know what may happen when you listen to your intuition and embark on a new, creative adventure!
(All images courtesy of Annie Vickrey)

Q: Tell us a bit about Annie Vickery Photography and the inspiration behind launching your dynamic photography business?

A: Growing up I was always the friend with a camera, taking pictures at every social outing. I never thought it could amount to anything. A few years ago, dear friends of mine got engaged and I took some pictures for them. They turned out really well, and suddenly I had a wedding inquiry. It sort of took off naturally from there. I began shooting weddings, and decided to quit my job to go back to school to study photography. 


Q: What are your day-to-day activities like while running your business? What are the biggest challenges and triumphs that you’ve experienced along the way?

A: Photography is sadly only a small portion of the work that goes into running a photography business. Every day I am answering emails, networking, editing photos or videos, meeting with potential clients, studying or doing homework, or all of these at once. One major challenge was getting all the equipment I needed. It’s pretty expensive to get the essential pieces needed to competently shoot a wedding. I ended up financing all my gear with B&H, and slowly accumulated everything I needed, without having to make any huge payments. On a positive note, I recently was invited to photograph New York Fashion Week. That felt pretty amazing. 

Q: Travel is a huge part of your life! How has it affected the way you view your business and your working life?

A: Travel is the second love of my life and photography is the first. My dream job would be shooting fashion all over the world. So that’s what I am doing. My theory is that if you want a job, just start doing it. Then get so good at it that people want to pay you to do it. I plan to travel as much as possible as I continue to build my portfolio. This fall I took myself on a two-month adventure around Europe. I worked with a modeling agency in Paris, and also photographed the Fall Collections of a few American designers in London, Madrid, Venice and Amsterdam. I will also be spending Spring Break in Kuwait, creating a documentary for a non-profit that rescues dogs.


Q: What are your biggest goals and hopes for your work with clients in 2016?

A: I have a lot of big goals for 2016. I am interning in Milan after I graduate college. Then I am hoping to pick up a sponsor to help me volunteer in Cape Town, South Africa. Then I would like to attend Conde Nast's Fashion Photography program in Shanghai. I feel pretty confident about getting accepted, but I would need to get a pretty decent scholarship, or a really amazing sponsor. I set up a GoFundMe to help pay for my adventures, so hopefully that will help. I also want to shoot fall Fashion Week in another country! 

Q: For other women looking to take the dive into a rewarding career in entrepreneurship, what would your most important piece of advice be?

A: My advice to other women would be to stop waiting. There's no "perfect time" to start anything. If you're waiting for enough money, or enough experience or enough anything, you'll never begin. If you want to do something, start right now. By this time next year, you'll already have a year's worth of experience! 

Learn more about Annie's photography at her site here, and keep up with her on Facebook and Instagram.