Hello, Working Girl: Adjoa Atuahene of Twelve & Co.

Meet Adjoa, the founder behind Toronto, Ontario-based brand development agency Twelve & Co.! What I love most about Adjoa's journey to launching Twelve & Co. is that she's taking the sports marketing industry by storm while also maintaining her full-time job. Read more about Adjoa and Twelve & Co.!

Q: Tell us a bit about Twelve & Co. and the inspiration behind launching your dynamic business and recent rebrand?

A: I decided to officially invest in the brand early 2015. With the help of a mentor that really guided me in navigating this journey through any questions that I had about starting a business and the industry I was about to embark in. I’ve always known that I wanted to work within the sports industry and knew what my strengths were – creating compelling brand stories through public relations. I decided that combing forces with my team and taking on this male dominated industry would not only help me professionally but personally. I love the fact that we have each other to push and confide in when facing the hurdles that comes along with working in sports. Once I established what it was that I wanted to focus on, Twelve & Co. naturally emerged. The idea, the name and overall vision weren’t that hard to come up with. 

I’ve recently been working really hard on a rebrand of the company’s overall brand vision on all of our platforms, our mission, and team structure that I cannot wait to share with everyone soon! 

Q: What are your day-to-day activities like while running Twelve & Co.? What are the biggest challenges and triumphs that you’ve experienced along the way?

A: My days usually start off with responding to any emails and reaching out to publications and other outlets that may be interested in featuring us on their platforms. Right now we are really trying to expand our name so we spend a lot of time on social media. We network via our social channels as well as curate and create content that will be beneficial and engaging to our followers. We also go to events to meet new people within the industry. Networking is a big thing so we try to do that as much as possible. I’m currently working on getting the new website up, creating an effective social media strategy that aligns with our business goals, and creating a digital campaign around our #MoreThanANumber slogan. 

Lately, time has really been a factor for me as I am currently a one-woman army with a few contributors when necessary. It's hard to invest everything you have when starting a company when you still have to work a full-time for your main source of income. Another hurdle I have come across is getting the word out about Twelve & Co., as well as credibility. Our clients will come through the work we produce, word of mouth and overall trust with us as people and businesswomen. This will be something that comes over time. 

So far we have done some small events and one off projects, including Andrew Nicholson of the Orlando Magic’s 44 Hoops Camp this past summer and most recently the 2016 NBA All-Star Weekend. 

Q: You’ve recently worked with the Jordan Brand and NBA All-Star 2016! What was it like working with such large and respected brands?

A: Working with NBA All-Star Weekend 2016 was a huge deal for me because it was the first-ever international NBA All-Star Game, and it was in my own backyard. It has always been my dream of mine to work for Jordan Brand, and to be able to represent one of the world’s most influential brands and educate consumers about the brand’s vision during such a monumental event is definitely an experience that remains one of my career highlights.

Q: What are your biggest goals and hopes for Twelve & Co. in 2016?

A: In 2016, I would like to land some new clientele of pro athletes in all major leagues so that we can have a diverse roster of clients – this will help when connecting with various brands.  I would also like to plan and execute global event coordination and media relations that will help drive our clients’ businesses forward. 

Twelve & Co. is looking forward to growing and adding other creative as business-minded individuals to the team.

Q: For other women looking to take the dive into a rewarding career in PR and media relations, what would your most important piece of advice be?

A: My advice would be to know the business that you want to work for inside out. In a male dominant industry like Sports PR you have to really know your stuff or else you won't get taken seriously. As a woman it's hard so having a great support system also helps. I also believe that you need to know yourself and what your strengths are. Knowing what to lead in and what you also lack in will help tremendously when having to outsource other resources. 

You will always learn more as you experience new things. You can read as many books as you want to but at the end of the day, the training wheels have to come off and you just have to go. You can't live in fear if you want to be great. Instead, you must use fear as fuel to pursuing your dreams.

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