Tips to Optimize Your Office Life

If we're being honest with ourselves, we all know that we spend the majority of our waking hours working! Because of that, it's time to make a point to amp up your office life! I've partnered with Boise Paper for a three-part series to chat over the best ways to make the most of your professional life. 

Ready to make the most of your office hours? Read on! 

Create systems for your email. 

I honestly don't know what I'd do if email subfolders didn't exist in Outlook. Especially since I just recently started a new job two weeks ago, it was important to me that I stuck to a streamlined, organized system for my email from day one. My secret tips? Create folders for all major aspects of your job (ie. social media, creative briefs, vendors, etc.) with specific subfolders under each (ie. Twitter updates, design projects, influencer partners, etc.). Another way that I avoid email overwhelm is by flagging any email that requires a response and keeping it in my inbox until it's answered. Trust me – 'inbox zero' will no longer be a mythical state for your inbox after a little streamlining! 

Prep and print off meeting agendas in advance. 

There's nothing that screams 'unprepared' like coming into a big meeting that you're leading without agendas in hand. Plan ahead and pick up Boise POLARIS Premium Multi-Purpose paper – a great paper for presentations! – and consider your meeting prep complete. With your perfect agenda on bright white paper, you'll capture everyone's attention in your next meeting. Keep your agenda concise and to-the-point, but also make sure that no pertinent details are left out. 

Keep inspirational morning reads in your bookmarks. 

Tired of hectic mornings that look like you running around gulping coffee and scrambling to keep up? Me too. I now start my mornings in the office with a quick read over some of my favorite industry blogs, all of which provide a wealth of knowledge. Instead of feeling panicked, my early morning reads keep me feeling excited and ready to take on the day. Two of my newest must-reads are The Shelf's blog as well as TapInfluence's blog – both are great for content and influencer marketers! 

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I was sponsored by Boise Paper to write this post, but I would never endorse a product I didn't love! All opinions stated here are my own. 

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