Taking a Good Job vs. Waiting for Your Dream Job

Job searching is never easy. After a long ordeal with searching and interviewing, you’re going to have to take a job. But what if none of them are exactly what you want to do? Yeah, they’re decent jobs, but what if they aren’t your dream job?

Here are some tips to help you decide whether you should take the good but imperfect job or  keep holding on for one that you absolutely love.

Take The Job If…

It Can Lead To Your Dream Job

Not every job is something you can obtain instantly. If your dream job requires a certain level of practice and experience, taking a job that will help get you there is a good option. Gaining experience can be an important first step to getting to your ultimate dream job. 

Take the good job if it’s going to give you a decent amount of experience to get you to where  you want to be. It’ll give you a chance to learn and prepare for a future in the career you want, and thinking of how awesome your future is going to be can get you through any bad parts of this job.

Your Deadline Is Up

You have to set a deadline for how long you’re going to be job searching, because there are consequences when you're out of the job market too long. You can’t wait too long before deciding to take an offer, because then you have less of a chance of ever finding a job, especially in your desired field.

Even if the job isn’t in your field or doesn’t pay what you were hoping to earn, you can always do side jobs that can help. Ride-sharing can be an awesome solution for making some extra cash on the side. 

Or if you’re in a creative field, try looking for some sort of freelance work you can do to keep honing your skills and also pick up some extra money. Small part-time jobs, such as working retail at your favorite store a couple nights a week, can bring in both extra money and a discount, too, if you’re lucky.

It’s a Necessity

Sometimes you don’t really have a choice. Your financial needs might outweigh your desire to wait for something you think fits you better, or you might need to have a job that has benefits. 

That’s how life works, unfortunately, but it gives you time to fine-tune what you really want in a job so you can narrow your search down the road.

Keep Holding Out For The Dream Job If…

You Know You’re Qualified for It

You could be more qualified than you think you are for your dream job. If you know you have the certifications that you need, like a certain degree or whatever else the job requires, then keep holding out. Some jobs also require a certain amount of experience, so you have to make sure you have that and you feel prepared to take on all the duties they will be asking you to do. 

If you know your dream job is definitely attainable at this point, then maybe you should hold out a little longer until you have a chance to get it.

You Know Exactly What You Want and How to Get There

If you have a clear path for exactly what job you want and know the steps that you have to take to get it, then keep taking those steps and get to your dream job. A lot of people don’t seem to know precisely what they want and end up turning down jobs for reasons they can’t quite figure out. They just know something is missing. You know the reason why you’re turning those jobs down though, so keep pushing until you find the one you really want!

Weigh your options and decide which path is the best one for you to go down. While it might take a little more time to get to your dream job, it’ll all be worth it in the end.