3 Delicious Breakfasts to Kickstart the Day

I'll admit it – I never used to be a breakfast person. My mornings consisted of waking up just in time to hop in the shower, get ready for the day, and maybe answer a few emails before darting off to work. However, as I've grown older I've realized how truly important a balanced breakfast is, and how it can really fuel my workday. Not only does a great breakfast curb mid-morning cravings for things that I shouldn't be eating, but it also gives me energy and a razor-sharp focus to kickstart the day. 

Aren't a breakfast person just yet? Give at least one of these three below a try, and you'll be singing a different tune in just a few days' time – promise.

Avocado Toast + Egg

Alright, alright – avocado toast also takes the cake as last year's most '#basic' breakfast, but hear me out. This early morning meal has everything that you need to conquer the day! I prefer my toast to be whole wheat, and combine half of an avocado with ghost pepper salt and pepper for a kick. Topped with scrambled eggs, it's the perfect amount of protein to keep me satisfied through lunch. Try it for yourself with this skinny fried egg avocado toast recipe from Simple Green Moms.

Chia Seed Yogurt

I used to think that chia seeds were weird – like, really weird. Why were people all about eating these weird little black specks with no flavor? All of that changed when I began to read about all of the amazing antioxidant, fiber and protein benefits of those little guys, so I bought a bag on a whim. Now, I add in a few scoops of chia to my Greek yogurt and call it a morning! Check out this great overnight chia yogurt recipe and make yours for the week.

English Muffin + Banana

It's ok to have a morning sweet tooth – just be sure to curb it with the right things! One of my favorites is pairing a whole wheat English muffin with natural peanut butter, banana and a drizzle of honey. If that seems a little too simple, check out this inventive take on the morning banana muffin from The Comfort of Cooking.

What are your favorite power breakfasts to take a bite out of before taking on the day at work? Leave yours in the comments below or tweet me at @HeyWorkingGirl