Making Friends in Your City...via Social Media!

The world is a big, big place, and odds are you've moved a time or two in adulthood. If you're anything like me, I was not prepared to feel so alone and friend-less in my early 20s! Unlike college, the workplace doesn't guarantee you with an instant friend group, much less a group of folks that you'll share anything in common with. 

When I moved to Atlanta for my first job and then to Denver, I knew that I was going to need to get creative when it came to building up my friend group in the city. After working in social media full-time for a few years, it only made sense to turn to Twitter and Instagram to see who was living around me – and it paid off! Fear not: you are going to make friends in your 20s. And they might just be instafriends. 

Use hashtags and geotags to your advantage.

Alright, alright, I admit it – I lurked hashtags and geotags like no other when I first moved to Denver. I scoured the Denver blogger community on Twitter, and then I mustered up the courage to say hello. And you know what? It paid off! I can't recommend combing social media for likeminded ladies (and dudes) in your neighborhood, and then striking up a friendly conversation. The very first friend that I made in Denver – Laura – reached out to me on Twitter before I made the big move out West. We had coffee on my move-in day, and we've been great friends since. Several Instagram conversations have led to great coffee dates and conversations with women also working in marketing in my city. Moral of the story? It's not creepy to lurk geotags and hashtags on social, because everyone's doing it. Promise.

...and then reach out!

Much like dating, sometimes others will make the first move and other times it's up to you to take the first step toward getting friendly – and that's ok. Comments and direct messages are your friends! If you follow someone on social who you think could be a potential bestie IRL, don't be afraid to reach out to say hi! You might just instantly hit it off and be brunch buddies for years to come. And you know what? Each and every time I've reached out to a fellow local blogger for a coffee invite, I've never been turned down. Folks are nicer than you think, and they're probably trying to expand their social circle, too. 

Have you made a new best friend in your city that you originally met on social media? I'd love to hear your story! Share them in the comments below or tweet me at @HeyWorkingGirl.

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