A Letter From Lindsay: Welcome to the New TWG!

Lindsay Shoemake_That Working Girl

Welcome to the new That Working Girl, friends! Thanks so much for your patience with the site while it was temporarily shut down for a rebrand. Not only did the two-week hiatus give me time to focus on the refreshed vision for this site, but it also gave me the greatly needed time that I yearned for to refocus, unwind and hone in on what matters most.

With that being said, I'm so happy to be back at it and ready to share all of the great new features of That Working Girl 2.0 with you all. After much soul searching and thinking deeply about what I wanted this site and brand to stand for, I knew that That Working Girl needed to become a space that satisfied our ambitious, career-drive sides, but also something more than that. Look forward to new lifestyle content soon, including decor tips, city living know-how and more.

I'm most excited about the new array of services that I'll be offering to all of you through That Working Girl. Through resumé design, branding, consulting and more, I look forward to getting to know each of you on a more intimate level as we all navigate the unique adventure that each of our careers takes us on. If you're in the midst of your job hunt, don't miss the job board! I'm handpicking great media and creative jobs to share with you all. 

Take your time and get to know the new site – I'm so happy to have you here!

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