How to Meet Interesting New Friends After College

College graduation is basically a social reset button. Friends have moved away or maybe you’re the one who hit the road. Your style, economic statuses, and relationships can evolve overnight. Netflix binges replace clubbing binges and 20-something life can seem downright lonely at times.

I’m on my second out-of-state move since college and am building a local friend base again. Read on for tips that helped me ditch solo nights in for lunch dates on the town!

1. Register for a casual networking event. During introductions, mention that you want break out of your shell and meet like-minded professionals. You could gain a buddy who gets your work life.

2. Join a local sports league. Co-ed kickball is a great way to encounter a range of personalities in a super relaxed setting. The kicker – there will be plenty of post-game day socials!

3. Attend a group fitness class. Satisfy your inner Gabby Douglas with an aerial yoga class or your Wonder Woman alter-ego with a CrossFit membership. Smoothie date after class!

4. Try There is a group for nearly every hobby on Scope out groups and their members on the website to ensure a good fit before showing up.

5. Volunteer for a cause that you’re passionate about. Pitch in on a Habitat for Humanity project or release baby sea turtles into the wild. Large group activities that require a bit of elbow grease tend to bring people together.

6. Tap into your alumni network. High school and college networks are great starting points. Attend organized alumni events in your city or use Facebook to find “friends” who live near you and start a conversation.

7. Get the word out. If you just moved, tell everyone! Chances are someone knows a person that could at least show you around. Even if that person is your great aunt’s CPA’s niece – what do you have to lose?

8. Be present. 

Get out of the habit of mindlessly checking your phone whenever you are alone in public (I’m so guilty). Living in the moment is essential to a fulfilling social life.


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