Content Ideas for Every Writer's Block Scenario

Compelling headlines and engaging tweets were flying off of your fingertips just yesterday. But today, writer’s block is real; almost anything sounds better than cranking out yet another blog post. Coming up with new spins on popular topics or totally new ideas on deadline is no easy task. Lucky for you, content inspiration is just a few clicks away.

I'm bringing you the best (online) places to go when:

1) You have no idea what to write about. When in need of a subject, head over to Quora to check out popular questions circulating within your industry. Take a look at a recent Quora search on content marketing.

2) Emerging trends are a must. If you want to identify a major trend before it becomes passé, Tumblr reigns supreme. Tumblr is where online cliques can let loose without worrying about parents or employers knowing their every move. You will see content on Tumblr that you won’t see elsewhere!

3) The topic is non-mainstream. Reddit is an underground content hero. Reddit is essentially a directory of questions and comment threads that go on forever. Every discussion in Reddit is filed under a category or sub- reddit. Sub-reddits range from topics like Futureology to Explain Like I’m Five. I love to use Reddit for topics that I’m not so knowledgeable about because I get an uncensored peek at what real enthusiasts are thinking.

4) Editing insecurities won’t let you publish. The best remedy for bloggers’ anxiety is to write anyway and use an editing tool when you’re done. I’m a sucker for Grammarly; the editing tool is free and catches more than a standard Word spell check.

5) The title is just okay. Stuck with sub-par title ideas when the time comes to name your masterpiece? Try HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator and my personal favorite, Advanced Marketing Institute’s – Headline Analyzer.

If all else fails, take a walk and come back to your work. Want to bounce ideas around with another working girl? Tweet Monique @workwithmo.

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