How to Look Amazing on Periscope

There are 10 million+ users on Periscope. Many working girls are either on Periscope, thinking about it, or have clients asking about it. From aesthetics that make a difference to Periscope brand hacks – follow these tips to make a fab statement for your scope debut:

Your Face
Gorgeous-ness doesn't always translate well on a 1.2-megapixel rear iPhone camera. A touch of makeup can help your personality shine through even the drabbest of lenses. Go for a natural, glowing, and balanced look. Here’s a great makeup tutorial to get you on the right track.

Your Lighting
Natural light is always best and so are light colored backgrounds. Get your light source behind the camera, not behind you – to avoid appearing washed out.

Your Angle
The perfect phone positioning is usually front-on a little bit above eye level. Though tripods may be helpful, they are not a necessity when starting out.

Your Intro
Your scope will begin before you have an opportunity to turn on the reverse camera feature. Choose something interesting for viewers to look at like a website or surrounding scenery during the intro. Try background music if it adds to the experience. Remember to speak as soon as you start broadcast!

Your Mood
Periscope is more like a networking event than a webinar. Have a few ice-breakers on hand.

Your Scope Title
Come up with an awesome title and use emoticons to attract attention. I love HubSpot’s title generator tool.

Your Scope Name
Think of your Periscope Name as how you would like to name your “channel” as opposed to just your given name. Edit your Periscope Name in Settings. [See example here @akashawnthomas].Your Shares Share your biggest, boldest tip in the beginning of your scope so that no one misses it. After sharing your biggest tip, ask for viewers to share your scope to gain additional viewers.


It might take a few (or twenty) scopes to find the best ways to showcase your value and gain a small following. Though cliché, the most important thing is that you be yourself and have a blast!

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