Advancing in the Workplace as a 20-Something


Working Girl How-To: Advancing in the Workplace as a 20-Something Navigating the workplace as a 20-something may leave you feeling like a lost freshman in a new school. Everyone seems to have it all figured out, but you can’t seem to keep up with the business terms dancing out of your colleague’s mouth. No need to fret; you will be leading with these phrases in no time!

Semper Gumby: Always Be Flexible The workplace is more dynamic and open than it was during our parent’s rein. For example, you may be hired as an engagement specialist, but find yourself invited to work on projects outside of your specific job description. It may feel safe to say “no thanks” when new opportunities are presented, but the more open you are to new experiences, the further you will go in the company.

Ancora Imparo: Still I Learn Graduating college is a valuable accomplishment and you should be proud of your hard work. Learning, however, is not limited to a formal education. You are now in an environment with no syllabus, yet full of lessons to learn. Don’t barricade yourself behind a wall of college knowledge. Get out of your comfort zone and continue learning as a hobby, or get stuck behind the pack.

Walk the Talk: Be the Change You Want to See Are you creating momentum in the company by brainstorming solutions and involving decision makers? A common mistake 20-somethings continue to make is going to leadership with an issue, but not a proposed solution. Take time to understand your organization, identify gaps, and then build a case for solving the issue. Remember, you have a lot to learn, but you also have fresh eyes and a new perspective to share with the team.

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