Why You Need to Delegate – and How!

Why You Need to Delegate – and How! Delegating is definitely a learned skill. No one can convince me that we walk into the workplace knowing how to effectively execute our own jobs while also handing off work to others to help us succeed. With that being said, don't worry if you're not a master delegator just yet. It takes time!

Learning how to effectively delegate is important because it empowers us to do our jobs well, and also teaches us the power of teamwork. Whether you manage one intern or an entire team of your own, we're sharing three tips below to make you more comfortable and confident in delegating your work at the office.

It takes trust. The first step to delegating well is identifying your most trustworthy team, and beginning small with the delegation of daily tasks. Need to send through a follow-up email to a client, but are totally slammed with an inbox full of urgent, pressing requests? This is a great opportunity to delegate the task to a team member you trust and manage. To keep a pulse on what's going on, request that your team member keep you copied when the follow-up email is sent out. That way, you can pick up right off where you left when your more pressing matters have settled down.

Split up projects into manageable chunks. I don't know about you, but large-scale projects can be completely overwhelming to start up. When I managed a recent fashion photo shoot for a high-end magazine at work, there were a lot of moving parts to be handled – blocking off space, working with the magazine's budget, getting food catered and more. Knowing that I work with an excellent event management team who are pros at catering orders, I delegated that facet of the shoot to one team, and the space blocking task to another. That way, I could focus 100% on the timeline for the photo shoot, inform our team of where we were be at what time, and make myself completely available to the magazine that we were working with the day off the shoot. The shoot went off without a hitch, and no one felt too overwhelmed with the tasks at hand during the day.

Be gracious. No one hates it more than when a task is delegated without a simple "thank you" or if adequate guidance is nonexistent. When it comes to delegating effectively, helping others help you is key. Provide every single detail needed to get the job done successfully. Forwarding an email to a coworker without clear instructions sends off a "figure it out" vibe, which isn't what you want to give off. My advice? Always say thank you, always smile, and always over-communicate expectations and details. It will always pay off in the long run.

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