Hello, Working Girl: Maggie Regan of LiquidSpace


Meet Maggie Regan, NYC Venue Ambassador for co-working and private office space-finding company, LiquidSpace! Learn more about Maggie's unique and hyper-mobile position as Venue Ambassador, as well as what she does during the week to ensure that her schedule stays as streamlined as possible.

Q: When did working for LiquidSpace first interest you, and what drew you to working for such an innovative company?

A: I started with LiquidSpace in 2014 but the company had been on my radar for over a year by that time. My path crossed with Jamie Lewis, our head of Business Development in NYC, two years ago at a Meetup event. She was manning the LiquidSpace table which was side by side with Suitey's setup. At that time, I was the (first) Client Experience Manager for Suitey, the tech-enabled real estate brokerage in NYC, and was wow'ed by Jamie's sharp wit and work ethic. I left that night with a handful of orange LiquidSpace pens and a lasting impression. #girlboss

I took on a second job as a waitress at La Pulperia on the Upper East Side for some extra spending money and used my LiquidSpace pens as check signers. Coincidentally enough, when the company approached me on LinkedIn, I was prime for the picking! After 5 rounds of interviews, I was thrilled to be hired as LiquidSpace's first Venue Ambassador in NYC.

I delight in the process of assisting and onboarding new businesses, event spaces, and office centers into our marketplace. LiquidSpace is the largest online marketplace connecting people with workspaces by the hour, day or month. I appreciate how our innovative company helps bridge the gap between traditional office renting/selling processes and the streamlined tech-enabled future. Our partners are motivated to earn extra revenue and new eyes on their business and I'm motivated to support them every step of the way.

Q: Tell us about the unique story behind LiquidSpace and its beginnings – we love the concept of pairing freelancers or employees with a great space to work! 

A: If you have a few minutes, take a look at this video of our founder and CEO Mark Gilbreath chatting with The Economist earlier this year about how LiquidSpace came to be. Online marketplaces are changing how we can get around (Uber), where we stay (Airbnb) and how we find an office (LiquidSpace) – and it’s all online and on your phone, right at your fingertips, available when you need it whether it’s by the month, day or hour.

Q: Walk us through what a day in the life of the LiquidSpace NYC Venue Ambassador is like – lots of site tours, meetings and networking?

A: The days feel like weeks and the weeks feel like days! My days start early, usually before 7 a.m. – I try to tackle most emails in the morning before 9 a.m. and save monotonous work (like uploading photos and fine-combing profiles for SEO content) for after 8 p.m.. My manager supported my $39/mo pass to my local yoga haven Hosh in Greenpoint, BK which made me feel supported. After a day of pounding the pavement (3-5 venues a day/3+ days a week) it is necessary to get on the mat!

Maggie frequently works at Space 530, one of NYC's most popular co-working spaces.

Q: How do you stay streamlined and organized while working from several different spaces throughout the week?

A: Yoga and skateboarding keep me streamlined. Breaking up my work day (and sometimes forcing myself) to stop, breathe, and soak into my city's elements are key to staying on top of my game. As a Working Girl who values flexibility and working on a results-driven team, I stay streamlined and efficient to impress my (first female) boss! I look up to her and aspire to have a job in our company like hers one day.

It can be quite challenging to ride the subway with no WiFi. It can feel stressful to emerge at Penn Station with 11 new emails with 100 people wanting different things from you. However, at LiquidSpace, we get stuff done. Bottom line. If you aren't working for a company you don't believe in, I encourage you to reconsider where you sit day to day. Get out there and work differently. It builds confidence in your abilities.

Keeping your inbox at ZERO is a good place to start and MAINTAIN that number to stay on top of your game. No excuses!

Q: What do you love most about working with LiquidSpace, and what is the biggest career-related lesson that you’ve learned from your unique position?

A: Raise your hand, ask the question, be bold and find your voice. When you work with a team who believes in you and champions your abilities it is easy to thrive. What I love about LiquidSpace is that we all believe in our growing global market of flexible workspaces and push ourselves every single day to produce results we are proud of.

I also love being exposed to (and sharing with) other Working Girls in the industry. It is empowering to be around empowering women! For instance, Neelam Brar of District CoWork shared that her Nomad coworking haven recently achieved a 50-50 distribution of females to males. I think Sheryl Sandburg would appreciate that split! Jackie Schletter of Space 530 is a Working Girl dynamo and is currently building a coworking community to suit the needs of smaller fashion and lifestyle companies like Circus by Sam Edelman.

The biggest career-related lesson I've learned is to foster the relationships that matter most -- all of them!

Keep up with Maggie and LiquidSpace on Twitter, @maggie_liquid and @LiquidSpace!