3 Major Takeaways From The Skinny Confidential's Health and Lifestyle Guide

In the past few weeks, I’ve completely embraced the quiet and slow-paced moments that this summer season has brought my way. These moments have allowed me to enjoy the things I truly love, but never seem to have time for when real life gets in the way, like reading. When I received a copy of The Skinny Confidential: A Babe’s Sexy, Sassy Health and Lifestyle Guide by Lauryn Evarts, I knew this was a perfect time to pull my love for reading out of the archives.

I have been following Lauryn’s journey on her blog since her debut in 2011, so I was more than excited to dive in and see what secrets her lifestyle guide had in store. While The Skinny Confidential has a focus on health and fitness, this quick and easy lifestyle guide is jam-packed with Lauryn’s painfully honest and insightful advice that can be used and applied to every aspect of life – personal and professional.

To give you a little sneak peak, I’m sharing 3 major takeaways from this awesome lifestyle guide:

Find balance.In every piece of advice that Lauryn shares, it all goes back to this one factor: balance. Regardless of whether it’s goals related to fitness, food, relationships or work, you need to find a balance of good and bad in order to make choices you are proud of. Let’s be real, everyone falls into the traps of “being too busy,” but even the most successful people have to let some doors close to allow other doors to open. If your personal goals are being unattended to because of professional goals, there’s a good chance your overcompensation at work is affecting your workouts and it’s time to decide whether waking up earlier or leaving the office earlier would make you happier and more likely to achieve your goals.

Do your research. This one is so, so, so important! Whether it’s for your industry, your craft, your ideas, challenges, or questions, it’s so important to be researching consistently. Research the companies your interested in working for, the people who inspire you, the newest workout trend you want to try because what you find could potentially change your life and your decisions. Stay on top of the things you want in life and stay informed on every little detail that encompasses it.

A little bit goes a long way. Time and time again Lauryn made it clear that even the tiniest shift in your mindset can set you on a new path. Something as simple as replacing one negative thought a day with positivity is one small act that is beneficial to your entire lifestyle, making your thoughts and decisions more positive for work, relationships and most importantly, yourself.

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