3 Easy Steps to Landing Your Fall Internship

"Easy"and "internship" are rarely used together in the same sentence, but landing a killer fall internship doesn't have to feel like torture! We're bringing you three smart and savvy tips for landing an internship while also staying on top of your fall classes. Ready to have the best semester ever?

Seek out virtual opportunities.
Keeping up with your full course-load is enough during the fall semester, and not everyone's university is located in the heart of a bustling city with large PR and advertising agencies. This is where virtual opportunities come into play! During my junior year of college I held two editorial internships with notable online sites for women – both of which helped me build up my profile and credibility while never having to leave campus. Check out sites like internships.com and Career Contessa, where several virtual opportunities are posted for media and communications majors.

Make your schedule work for you.
Be mindful when planning out your fall class schedule, and leave open at least one free day for interning. During my senior fall semester I had Wednesdays and Fridays entirely off, leaving time for me to dedicate to both my blog and my internship at the time. Although I did have to make some inconvenient sacrifices to make the schedule work – like opting for 8 a.m. classes – having the spare free time to intern was 100% worth it. Opting for an open schedule during the week is even better if your college is located in the city – an in-office internship is calling your name!

Nail down your top 3 internships NOW!
Sure, we're all still in the summertime mindset, but that doesn't mean that you don't have to start planning for your future internship. Start your search now and you'll already be ahead of the competition once September rolls around. Don't know how to begin? Here are a few great opportunities from Fleishman Hillard (Atlanta), Uptown Treehouse (Los Angeles) and PUBLIC NYC (New York) to get you started.

Let us know if you're going after an internship this fall – we're here to root you on and support you! Share your internship in the comments below or tweet us at @HeyWorkingGirl.