Working Girl How-To: Optimizing Your Insta-Image

Working Girl How-To: Optimizing Your Insta-Image As most of you already know, Instagram has been killing it with their new updates. Since Demember, this ever-so-popular social network has been bringing us awesome new filters, emoji hashtags, and a brand new explore page.

With summer time is officially here, there’s no better time to try out their newest features and spruce up your insta-image with all the fun events and vacations you have planned! To help you get the best snap possible, I’m sharing a few ways you can up your iphoneography skills and optimize your Instagram game this summer.

Go outside!

Do all your pictures seem to have the same background or theme? Use this summer as an excuse to go outside and change up the scenery with some natural lighting! Don’t know what to take pictures of? Go for a quick stroll and see what flowers are blooming around you or eat lunch outside and capture anything that sparks your interest.

Use the right camera settings.

It’s never been easier to take professional looking pictures right from your smartphone, but you have to make sure youre using the right settings. I picked these tips up from Whitney Blake’s Instagram Branding class recently and they have changed my life:

1.) Use the camera grid: if you’re an iphone user, go into your settings > photo & camera and turn your grid setting to on. This will ensure your getting the right angle and everything matches up correctly.

2.) Use the square setting: rather than just the ‘photo’ setting”. This perfectly sizes your photos to fit instagram’s standard 640x640 sizing.

3.) Brighten it up: when you're ready to take the picture, select your focus area by clicking on a spot in the picture and slowly scroll your finger upwards to automatically brighten the image.

Filter away!

According to Instragram’s announcement, their newest three filters (Lark, Reyes and Juno) are inspired by weekend adventures and can be used as subtle filters that brighten and enhance your photos in refined, beautiful ways. Whether you’re using these or any others, make sure to stay consistent with the same 2-3 filters so all your photos are consistent and really bring your story to life.

And of course, don’t forget to tag any brands or friends in your pictures and use any event #hashtags to gain the most exposure and increase your chances of showing up on their brand new explore page. Now go put these to use and show off your freshly optimized Instagram page!

That Working Girl Emily Ahlbum