Why I Decided to Intern After College

Why I Decided to Intern After College by Kaitlyn O'Neill After my life as a college student came to a halting stop, I was thankful enough to have a few interviews lined up for actual jobs. Jobs that looked promising with that thing called a “salary,” or that other thing called “benefits.” Although I was grateful for those opportunities, I felt that my newly graduated confidence and curiosity was still in full force and I wanted to continue exploring.

Why did I decide to intern after college? Well, I’m still finding my purpose.

Sounds a little deep for a post on interning, but it’s the truth. We all want to be successful at something, right? Exactly. What is that specific realm that I will be successful in? That is exactly why I decided to intern after college; to find what I think is my purpose, what I know I will be good at. Sure, interning allows you to learn from mistakes without major penalties, or it’s a fabulous resume booster, but what I needed was to explore a bit more before I could allow myself to pursue a career.

After interning in events at Shirley Elaine Weddings; working in healthcare at Mayo Clinic; and now as an aspiring PR professional in the fashion world at WhatRUWearing, I think I can say I’m more than happy with my well-rounded adventure thus far.

Life as a 23-year-old, freshly graduated, and newly pronounced intern is great! I go to work every day, complete my work by their deadlines, and come home with no homework assignments – yes college grads, don’t you love it?

But I don’t want to intern forever.

I want to find passion with a company and feel as if all my hard work in college will be put to use somewhere. What I don’t want is to become an average employee mixed in with other average employees and finding out that I would be better off somewhere else – that’s why internships are great! They allow you to get your feet wet and do a little “off-roading” on your career path.

P.S. – A little off-roading can also steer you down a new path and land you a full-time job!

I encourage all you new grads and soon-to-be grads to explore your own purpose and try on as many hats as possible when it comes to interning. It’s the perfect transition whether you’ve had a previous internship or not; think of it like an adventure. So, start doing a little “off-roading” today!

That Working Girl Contributor Kaitlyn O'Neill