Hello, Working Girl: Kristin Golliher of WildRock PR and Marketing


Hello, Working Girl: Kristin Golliher of WildRock Public Relations and Marketing

Meet Kristin Golliher, the founder of Colorado-based WildRock Public Relations & Marketing. Below, Kristin shares with us what it takes to run a successful PR agency, as well as details on her recent Gold Pick award for excellence in the field! 

Q: What is your background in public relations, and when did you first decide to pursue WildRock as your business?

A: I was always interested in PR and Marketing.  I went on a fantastic trip between my junior and senior year in high school and worked in Martha's Vineyard for a summer. While there, I toured colleges in Boston and fell in love with public relations. It aligned so perfectly with my personality and interests; it was my calling. After climbing the corporate ladder, I had many people ask me over the years, “When are you going to do PR for my business?” I started doing some freelance work on the side, reading business books and doing research. Once I worked up the courage, I made the leap into entrepreneurship and WildRock has been an amazing adventure ever since.

Q: Walk us through what your day-to-day is like at WildRock – emails, client calls, pitching?

A: Everything from client management, to business development to forecasting. I also ensure our office runs smoothly and manage our staff, consultants and vendors. I set up all of our contracts and work with our legal team, insurance company, CPA, bookkeeper and business partners to ensure everything stays in order. I happily wear a million hats, but it keeps each day interesting!

Q: How do you think the PR and marketing landscape differs in Colorado compared to other regions and big cities around the U.S.?

A: It’s interesting because WildRock plays in both spaces since we have both local and nationally based clients. It is more client-specific in my opinion, and not necessarily driven by the geographic location. For us, an ideal client is someone who understands PR and marketing and is willing to invest in aggressive programs. Working with knowledgeable, forward-thinking organizations allows our skill-sets to come to life, and as a result our partnerships grow. Recently, WildRock has gone head-to-head with larger agencies on bids, so again I think it really boils down to the client, their needs and finding an agency that is best suited for their culture. 

Q: You were recently awarded a Gold Pick award for your work with Colorado-based clients Decibullz and Case Logic – what was your strategy behind supporting both of these brands, and how did it feel to bring home such a prestigious award?

A: It was certainly an honor to be awarded two Gold Picks this year. Our team was over the moon! While both organizations are located locally, they have larger national reach and that’s where we were really able to produce results and shine. Decibullz is a start up and was looking to get the buzz going, while Case Logic has been in business over thirty years and wanted to boost their PR program and celebrate a rebrand. The goal for both brands was to get product samples out, get the media testing them and produce third party validation. With Decibullz, WildRock was able to research the competitive landscape and craft quarterly strategies to reach media placement goals in top-tier outlets including USA Today, CNET, 9News and more, reaching over 115 million impressions. For Case Logic, WildRock produced a strategy to reinvigorate the brand by reaching new target markets and promote the organization as an innovative, lifestyle company. The results included coverage in Photography Bay, TechCrunch, FStoppers, About.com, Denver Post and ZDNet, as well as increased holiday coverage by 850 percent and 170 million impressions. 

Q: For up-and-coming PR professionals, what would you say is the most necessary skill needed to excel in the field?

A: The willingness to learn! The dynamic world of PR and marketing means that you will never get bored in this industry, but that you must learn the beautiful art and science of the constantly evolving agency setting. Reading up on the latest trends, techniques and always going the extra mile to educate yourself on best practices means better results for your clients, and better results for your own career aspirations.

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