5 Search Engines for Marketers – Besides Google!

5 Search Engines for Marketers – Besides Google! How many times have you sat down to run an online search and automatically made Google your first stop? You’re not alone. While Google’s dominance ranges from 66-90 percent, the fact is that most people – including marketers – see “Google” and “search” as the same thing. In fact, the words are frequently used interchangeably.

Because of its popularity, it’s easy to assume that Google’s stats are the only ones that matter in a marketing campaign. But step back for a second and ask yourself this: is there any other time you’d use a single source as the only authority?

Probably not.

Marketing success includes optimizing content for search, tracking analytics for a specific campaign, building an SEO strategy and more. Professionals must rely on information from various sources to create comprehensive pictures of a campaign’s success or failure.

Beyond Google, marketers should consider these five search engines.


Wolfram|Alpha differs from other search engines in that it’s designed to provide calculated measurements and computations on any subject matter instead of a list of links relating to a certain search term. This is helpful for marketers in a variety of ways, including compiling data for infographics, conducting market research without the help of an expensive research firm, creating search engines for websites and more.

BuzzSumo Half of the battle of creating actionable websites that drive traffic is filling them with the content that visitors are actually interested in. For marketers who struggle in this area or who are simply interested in changing up their content strategy, BuzzSumo is a solid starting point. The tool takes pre-specified topics and turns them into keyword lists that marketers can use to ensure their websites are on point.

SocialMention Hashtags are designed to make it easy to search social networks for specific themes, trends and topics. They can also create a web that’s difficult to navigate and time consuming for search marketers looking for quick analytics and behavior trends in the social world. SocialMention solves this problem by providing real time search results that are derived from social networks. Whether you’re looking for a way to track your brand’s performance or follow a trend that directly relates to your industry, SocialMention is a good place to start.

CC Search How much time do you spend searching for creative commons information, stock photos, music or facts for your website, email marketing campaigns, social contests or social media posts on a daily basis? Probably more than you’d like to admit. CC Search takes away the pain points for marketers looking for specific tools to use in campaigns by compiling them in a single location. Users can run broad searches or narrow them down by specific source.

Reddit For content to attract attention and draw visitors, it must be accurate and timely. Frequently, when you hear about a news story or trend, your target market already has as well. Staying ahead of the game is critical for successful marketing. This is where Reddit comes into play. Marketers can use the search tool to find relevant content topics, search online trends and track news stories in live time.

Next time you need specific information, think outside of the Google box and try something that may be more relevant to your specific marketing needs. The tools listed above are great starting points.

Sarah Landrum